Ice, ice, baby: Couple to skate every single public rink in Ottawa

So far they've skated 50 public ice rinks, and with about 40 days left in winter they have more than 150 to go.

'We want to get out and exercise more this winter,' Brandon Pardy explains

Brandon Pardy and Caitlyn Baikie say they wanted to see more of the city and get to know it better. (Hallie Cotnam/CBC)

Brandon Pardy and Caitlyn Baikie have challenged themselves to skate every single public ice rink around Ottawa this winter.

They'd done 50 as of Feb. 6, and with only about 40 days left in winter, they've got another 150 or so to go.

"We want to get out and exercise more this winter. We want to see more of the city. We've been here for years and wanted to find more little coffee shops and stuff," Pardy explained to Hallie Cotnam on CBC Radio's Ottawa Morning.

"I said OK, let's just do it, and then I actually opened up the website and said, well crap, there are over 200," Baikie added.

Her favourite so far? The rink at Fischer Park.

"It was the first rink we went to that wasn't just your traditional hockey rink outside. They had like little loops on the sidewalk and in the parking lot, so they were very creative in what they designed," Baikie said.

Pardy and Baikie show off their skates on the outdoor rink at the Jack Purcell Community Centre. (Hallie Cotnam/CBC)

Recently they enlisted the help of some apparently thirsty kids to clear a rink in Vanier for them after a big dump of snow.

"We decided we would pop over to the little corner store and get them some water, and they were so stoked that by the time we got back 15 minutes later they were over a quarter done," Pardy said.

They're trying to skate a few rinks every night, even in the extreme cold.

"We'll just have to ramp it up, get off the canal and go to more rinks [to get it done]," Baikie said.

CBC Radio's Ottawa Morning and Hallie Cotnam