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Walk This Way: CBC Ottawa series brings life to your daily walks

Every Friday, for the next four weeks, CBC Ottawa will be releasing a new neighbour and its historical landmarks to give you new insight into the streets you've been trudging along all these months.

This series aims to inject some life into the neighbourhood walk

Suzanne Lépine poses with her bicycle on one of the forested trails inside Richelieu Park in Ottawa's Vanier neighbourhood on June 9, 2021. (Trevor Pritchard/CBC)

Over the last year, chances are you picked up new hobbies and added new habits to your routine. And there's a decent chance the trusty neighbourhood walk — one of our few consistent outlets for physical exercise and mental stimulation — is starting to feel a bit stale.

Well, this series will help you revitalize your daily walks.

Come back to this page for CBC Ottawa's curated neighbourhood strolls designed to give you new insight into the streets you've been exploring all these months.


Walk This Way: Get a glimpse of history in Stittsville

2 years ago
Duration 2:26
Local historian Barbara Bottriell took CBC News on a walk through Stittsville, pointing out a historic hotel with a grim backstory, a former rail line and a flower shop in a former bank vault.

Walk This Way: Discover the working-class history of Mechanicsville

2 years ago
Duration 5:24
Local history writer Dave Allston showed CBC Ottawa around Mechanicsville, pointing out historic homes, a former shantytown, and a park with a dark history.


Walk This Way: Take a tour of Centretown’s murals

2 years ago
Duration 3:45
Kimberley Dawkins, with public art festival House of Paint, showed CBC News around Centretown’s murals — some of which are tucked away in the neighbourhood’s nooks and crannies.


Walk This Way: Explore Franco-Ontarian history in Vanier

2 years ago
Duration 3:58
Lifelong Vanier resident Suzanne Lépine showed CBC Ottawa around the neighbourhood by bike, exploring the area’s religious, municipal and cultural history.


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