CBC Ottawa celebrates 9 years of creativity with CreativeMornings

This month, CreativeMornings Ottawa is marking a major milestone—their ninth birthday. For nine years, the local chapter has shared, promoted and inspired creativity in Ottawa.

Instagram takeover lists top nine favourite local talks

This month, CreativeMornings Ottawa is marking a major milestone — their ninth birthday. For nine years, the local chapter has shared, promoted and inspired creativity in Ottawa.

What's the best way to celebrate a birthday besides eating cake and gathering with friends? To go down memory lane, of course.

Join CBC Ottawa as we invite our community partner CreativeMornings Ottawa to take over our Instagram account on May 20 to highlight nine of their favourite talks from the last nine years. Talks are free, local and happen one Friday a month. Everyone is welcome. Everyone is creative. Simply register beforehand to reserve a spot.

Here are the top nine favourite talks as selected by their team of volunteers:

Ripple: In Her Words Panel (Mar. 26, 2021) 
Jessica Kovar, Communications Lead (Submitted by CreativeMornings Ottawa)

In partnership with CBC Ottawa's digital series, In Her Words, this was a conversation with four women who are raising their voices as leaders in business, community, and activism.

This was part of a series on Ripple.

Watch here.

Chosen by Jessica Kovar, CreativeMornings Ottawa Communications Lead.

Josh McJannet: Purpose Before Profit (Feb. 28, 2020) 
Marwan Mansour, Co-host (Submitted by CreativeMornings Ottawa)

Co-founder of Ottawa's own Dominion City Brewing Co., Josh McJannett, spoke on finding purpose through investing in self, community, and for the future.

This was part of a series on Invest.

Watch here.

Chosen by Marwan Mansour, CreativeMornings Ottawa Co-Host.

Nathan Hall: Stress (Aug. 28, 2020) 
Ayla Labelle, Motion Designer (Submitted by CreativeMornings Ottawa)

CEO of Simple Story, an award-winning video, marketing agency, Nathan Hall, discussed the role stress plays in creativity as well as oppression and racism in the business and creative worlds in Canada.

This was part of a series on Stress.

Watch here.

Chosen by Ayla Labelle, CreativeMornings Ottawa Motion Designer.

Kellylee Evans: Exercise Courage in Everyday Life (Mar. 29, 2018) 
Chris Di Lauro, Designer (Submitted by CreativeMornings Ottawa)

International acclaimed, Juno award winning singer-songwriter, Kellylee Evans, talked about the importance of exercising courage in everyday life.

This was part of a series on Courage.

Watch here.

Chosen by Chris Di Lauro, CreativeMornings Ottawa Designer.

Dr. Tim Pychyl: Successful Goal Pursuit (Apr. 30, 2021) 
Mark Brownlee, Content Writer (Submitted by CreativeMornings Ottawa)

Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at Carleton University, Dr. Tim Pychyl, drew on decades of research to explain why we procrastinate and what we can do if we'd like to procrastinate less.

This was part of a series on Procrastination.

Watch here.

Chosen by Mark Brownlee, CreativeMornings Ottawa Content Writer.

Tania Carriere: Commitment to Self (May. 25, 2018) 
Julie Baxter, Community Connector (Submitted by CreativeMornings Ottawa)

Executive coach and leadership consultant, Tania Carriere, talked about how life lessons and commitments guide and shape her life, career, and relationships to this day.

This was part of a series on Commitment and part of CreativeMornings Ottawa's  7th anniversary.

Watch here.

Chosen by Julie Baxter, CreativeMornings Ottawa Community Connector.

Dave Arnold: Monetizing Your Passion (Feb. 22, 2013) 
Maxine Patenaude, Host (Submitted by CreativeMornings Ottawa)

Montreal-based visual artist, Dave Arnold, spoke on turning his passion of art into a business by combining his love and knowledge with clients' brands.

This was part of a series on Money.

Watch here.

Chosen by Maxine Patenaude, CreativeMornings Ottawa Host.

Jérôme Marty and Patrick Nadeau (Mar. 29, 2019) 
James Sell, Store Operations (Submitted by CreativeMornings Ottawa)

Jérôme Marty and Patrick Nadeau made a case for why H2O (water) is perhaps the most important molecule of all. From its role in the foundation of a city, to the simple beauty and mystery of aquatic life, to human daily lives.

This was part of a series on Water.

Watch here.

Chosen by James Sell, CreativeMornings Ottawa Store Operations.

Sekou Kaba: Canadian Olympian (Apr. 8, 2017) 
Kelsey Burns, Team member (Submitted by CreativeMornings Ottawa)

Canadian Olympic hurdler, Sekou Kaba, spoke about overcoming perceived limitations and boundaries in life, and discussed what it takes to look beyond them to discover what lies ahead.

This was part of a series on Beyond.

Watch here.

Chosen by Kelsey Burns, CreativeMornings Ottawa team member.

Register here for CreativeMornings Ottawa's birthday event happening on Friday, May 28 from 8:30 a.m. – 10 a.m.

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