Behind the camera

Meet a few of the photographers behind the cameras of the #CBCMeet613 Instameets. CBC Ottawa is hosting a series of Instameets over the summer to bring together your bold, unique and artistic photos of the city.

Meet a few of the photographers behind the cameras of the #CBCMeet613 Instameets

This summer CBC Ottawa has been hosting a series of #CBCMeet613 Instameets to gather inspirational, artistic and bold photographs of Ottawa. The #CBCMeet613 photos we've seen so far have captured the beauty of the capital. But who is behind the camera?



(Photo courtesy of Andrew Kaikai)

My story
"I stumbled into it mostly by accident. I got a bicycle to explore the city and started taking photos of my bike travels using my phone. I decided to share some of them on Instagram and began following a few of the local Ottawa photographers. I attended my first instameet in February 2015, picked up a DSLR the next day, and the rest is history."

My advice 
"My best piece of advice is that Instagram should be a tool for photography, not the other way around. Focus on taking the photos you want to take and improving little by little, day by day, and don't worry too much initially about whether the photos are Instagram worthy. If you like the photos, chances are someone else will." 

My favourite spot
"Andrew Haydon Park because it is the best location for catching sunsets, has a beautiful windmill, waterfalls and is the perfect combination of urban and nature in the city."


(Photo courtesy of Sofie Sharom)

My story
"I am a visual artist, so was always interested in all types of art, from painting and sculpture to photography. I managed to get into a black & white film photography course in university while completing a business degree and was hooked."

My advice
"​Find something unique. Whether it be a lesser known spot, or a new angle on something iconic, it's that unique perspective and your own individual eye which will draw people in."

My favourite spot
"Although winter is not my favourite season, I love the beauty of winter photography in Ottawa. From half frozen waterfalls, to the Rideau Canal skateway, Ottawa has an endless amount of great winter spots. You can photograph the same location in winter and summer and it can look like two completely different spots."


(Photo credit: Andrew Kaikai )

My story
"I got into photography in late 2013 after I bought my first Nikon DSLR from Future Shop. I took some time learning about photography through magazines, online articles and videos."

"As for my visual style my Instagram profile has a moody cinematic look. I also a big fan of using emoticon :) in the caption."

My advice
"My advice for good Instagram photography is good composition/framing. Try different angles. Get close the the subject, get some far shots, get some people in the shot and some with nobody the shot" 

My favourite spot
"I spend most of my time in downtown Gatineau and Ottawa because I live in that area. I love the tall buildings and the density in the surrounding area and plus there are a lot of great shadows during sunrise and sunset."


(Photo credit: Alexandra Claveau)
My story
"I wanted to find a way to be connected to my community and city. I had heard about Instagram, I had zero interest in photography at that time, but I decided to check it out."

"I started to document the every day beauty of Ottawa that most take for granted. Fast forward a couple months to February of 2015, I happened to stumble across the IgersOttawa account on IG, and lo and behold they were hosting an Instameet that coming weekend...From that first instameet I had been bitten with the photography bug! A passion, I didn't even know I had, had been ignited!"

My advice
"Use the explore feature! Discover other amazing artists from around the globe and in your own backyard."

My favourite spot
"While it is admittedly overdone…I love shooting Parliament, the Chateau Laurier, the Art Gallery and The Museum of Nature. Our downtown core is simply majestic in its architecture and you just can't get any more picturesque than that!"