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Meet the chefs and at-home cooks featured in the CBC In The Kitchen series

From family get-togethers to summer barbecues, we come together around food. We talk, we share, we learn and we build a sense of community united by the food we eat. 

We went into kitchens across Ottawa to celebrate how food brings us together

From family get-togethers to summer barbecues, we come together around food. We talk, we share, we learn and we build a sense of community united by the food we eat. 

Over the summer, we've introduced you to local chefs, at-home cooks and food lovers in our city to inspire the conversation as we asked what food and community mean to you. They shared more than just ingredients and recipes. They shared the passion, creativity and personality they bring to their cooking and Ottawa.

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Joanna Zappia: Bringing the joy back to food

We met up with Joanna Zappia, a registered holistic nutritionist, at her Westboro home kitchen to talk about why she loves shopping locally.

Illustration of Joanna Zappia by Ginar Ogbit

Anna Papadopoulos: 'It's a pocket of love'

We visited Anna Papadopoulos at the Nutty Greek Bake Shop in Little Italy to talk about family, creativity and her unique spin on traditional Greek flavours. 

Illustration of Anna Papadopoulos by Ginar Ogbit

Hamna Hack: Fusion of flavours in Kanata kitchen

We stopped by Kanata's Shirin Market to talk about Hamna Hack's approach to fusion cooking.

Illustration of Hamna Hack by Ginar Ogbit

Jacob Henry: Spicing up Caribbean tradition

We met Jacob Henry at a ghost kitchen, a shared commercial kitchen, to talk about bringing more Caribbean spice to Ottawa's food scene. 

Illustration of Jacob Henry by Ginar Ogbit

Anna March: Farm to table to classroom

Before class at the Urban Element in Hintonburg, we sat down with instructor Anna March to discuss her farm to table philosophy and how her backyard chickens influence her cooking style. 

Illustration of Anna March by Ginar Ogbit

Tom Marcantonio: 'Something very special' about eating together

Tom Marcantonio is always in his garden. We paid him a visit to see how he takes his cooking from seed to sauce. 

Illustration of Tom Marcantonio by Ginar Ogbit

Hana Jung: How kimchi brings us together

We visited the owners of Raon Kitchen, Hana Jung and her husband Iruk Cho, at the preparation kitchen where they make their kimchi and sauces to talk about Korean cooking and community. 

Illustration of Hana Jung by Ginar Ogbit

Community Profile Illustrations

Each portrait for CBC In The Kitchen was illustrated by Eritrean-Canadian visual artist, Ginar Ogbit. Ogbit, 24, was born in Montreal, and later relocated to Ottawa with her family where she now resides. She is inspired by the unique and precious beauty of people and everyday life, and by the richness in culture. 

Drawing seriously since 2016, Ogbit began her art training by attending Algonquin College's Pre-animation and Illustration program. Her passion and dedication ignited, she then enrolled in Algonquin's Animation program, where she is currently a student. 

You can follow her work on her Instagram at @ginarogbit.

Self portrait of Ginar Ogbit, the artist behind the beautiful illustrations featured in the CBC In The Kitchen series.