Learn new skills with our HOP at Home digital series

CBC Ottawa has partnered with House of PainT for a unique IGTV learners series featuring three local artists.

Join these local artists who will teach you three pillars of hip hop: graffiti, music, and street art

CBC Ottawa is proud to be a sponsor of the 2021 House of PainT Urban Arts Festival.

We've partnered with HOP to bring you a unique learners' series designed for beginners who want to learn more about the arts.

Create art with stencils from TRP613, dance to a new choreography with Valentina Solis and learn how to produce your own rap with Seiiizi. All from the comfort of your own home.

The series runs from Wednesday, Aug. 18 to Friday, Aug. 20 on CBC Ottawa's IGTV.

Here's a closer look at the artists and more information on what you'll be learning:

Create visual art with TRP613

Add a splash of colour to your life as local artist TRP613  walks you through how to create art from stencils.

Here's a list of supplies you'll need:

  • Stencils: you can make these using paper, old cardboard from around your house, or any other reusable material.
  • Scissors or an Exacto knife: if you're cutting your own stencils.
  • Base: wood, metal, concrete, plain canvas, paper, or any other flat surface.
  • Paint: spray paint, acrylics, or even crayons!

Get to know your teacher, TRP613

TRP613 is not your usual artist, or high school teacher for that matter.

Born and raised in Westboro, TRP613 went to Nepean high school, but eventually got kicked out. "I was not the best student," he says.

TRP613 says when he was a kid he loved putting stickers everywhere as "art should be free for everyone to experience." Now, he sticks his signature Sailor Dude drawing across Ottawa. (Submitted by TRP613)

After working for many years he then attended Carleton University for art history and geography as a mature student. Later, he studied for a teaching degree from Nipissing University.

"I might be the only high school teacher that never graduated high school," says the artist.

In the art world, he is known for his signature "Sailor Dude" drawing and as TRP613.

"I don't use my real name, I think it should be about the art and not the artist."

As an artist, he says art should be free for everyone to see, hence why he works with various businesses, communities and people to create murals and "make the streets a little less grey."

He recently joined the House of PainT board of directors and is the first artist of our HOP at Home IGTV series.

Dance to a new choreography with Valentina Solis

Kick-start the weekend with this unique and easy-to-learn professional choreography by Canadian-Colombian dancer Valentina Solis.

Here's a list of what you'll need:

  • A cleared space in your living room, bedroom or back deck.
  • Upbeat music.
  • A good learning attitude.

Get to know your choreographer, Valentina Solis

Valentina Solis was born in Bogota, Colombia but moved to Canada when she was 3-years-old.

Valentina Solis started dancing professionally four years ago. She says the best part about choreographing is to always have fun. (Submitted by Valentina Solis)

She was introduced to dance at a young age through her mom who was a dancer. However, Valentina didn't start dancing professionally until four years ago.

"Because of my background, it was fairly easy for me to get into it and fall in love with the community. I don't remember a single family reunion where everybody wasn't dancing," Valentina says.

Her mom wasn't the only inspiration. Valentina says she started dancing because she adored the Step Up movies.

"It fascinated me how amazing these people looked and how they used this form of art to express themselves."

She says her favourite part about performing is getting to see how happy and excited people get while her and her teammates are on stage.

"I also love inspiring those who want to start dancing, or are too shy to get themselves out there," she says.

For our second lesson of the HOP at Home IGTV series, Valentina says she appreciates when those learning her choreography add their own personality into it. So, after watching her choreography, record yourself and tag us on social media @CBCOttawa with your own spin.

Produce your own rap track with Seiiizi

Join Ottawa-based DJ, producer and songwriter Seiiizi as she guides you through how to create your very own rap track.

In this video, Seiiizi teaches the basics about rap free styling and self-recording beats from home.

Here's what you'll need:

  • Audio set up: computer, headphones, microphone, pop filter (optional), monitor speaker.
  • Software: recording software (DAW) or the voice memo feature on your smartphone. 
  • Find a beat or music to record over.

Get to know more about your teacher, Mikayla Gordon

From a young age, Mikayla Gordon, artistically known as Seiiizi, has had a passion for music.

Her early appreciation for music started with her enthusiastic father who is also a DJ. She says her style is heavily influenced by her Jamaican roots which inspire her to create a range of urban and afro-electric styles fusing elements of house, trap and afrobeats.

At the age of 10, one of her friends introduced her to editing.

Thanks to her Jamaican background, Seiiizi now creates a range of urban and Afro styles fusing elements of house, trap, and afrobeats to create an Afro-electric sonic experience. (Submitted by Seiiizi)

"I didn't continue then, but that was my first foray into making music," she says.

A few years later, a close friend re-introduced her to rapping via freestyle during their casual hangouts which evolved into recording music in 2015.

As a self-taught artist, Seiiizi produces and writes her own songs.

"My favourite part [about working in the arts] is the process from an idea to a full project and how it all comes together," she says.

"I really appreciate the uniqueness of expression. The nuance that comes from finding your voice is inspiring to say the least."

Learn how to produce your own rap track from scratch by watching Seiiizi's HOP at HOME IGTV video.

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