Highlighting Asian-Canadians in the community

Celebrate Asian Heritage Month with CBC Ottawa as we share stories of Asian-Canadians in the community.

As part of Asian Heritage Month, we'll share the stories of Asian-Canadians in our city


May is Asian Heritage Month, a time to acknowledge and celebrate the rich history of Asian-Canadians and their contributions to our country. 

Throughout the month, CBC Ottawa will share the stories of Asian-Canadians in the community. Here's a look at our special coverage:

Interviews on CBC Listen

Ottawa Morning

All In A Day

In Town and Out

  • CelebrAsian Dance
    The CelebrAsian Dance event will showcase both the beauty and common ground found in three dance styles from China, Korea and India.

Interviews on CBC Gem

Our Ottawa

  • Food Instagrammer, entrepreneur and stylist Kellie Vu talks with Our Ottawa host Adrian Harewood about her Vietnamese-Canadian heritage and her mom's influence on her passion for food. Plus, she cooks lobster and chives dumplings. Watch it here
Kellie Vu talks about her Vietnamese-Canadian heritage and her mom's influence on her passion for food on Our Ottawa. (Viet Mai)

Special features to read

My Korean name is Ki Sun, and I'm choosing not to be ashamed of it anymore
This First Person article is the experience of Priscilla Hwang, a reporter for CBC Ottawa who is reclaiming her Korean name, Ki Sun. 
CBC Ottawa reporter Priscilla Hwang details her experience of reclaiming her Korean name, Ki Sun. (Duk Han Lee )
Chinese mothers of new babies grapple with parenthood in a pandemic 
Separated from their own mothers, 2 women reflect on their year with a newborn.
Yuanyuan Zhou says it's been challenging juggling her studies with caring for her her baby Vincent, all without the help from her family that she'd been hoping for. (Francis Ferland/CBC)

Why 'Asian' isn't a one-size-fits-all term for many Canadians 
During Asian Heritage Month, some struggle to identify with the word used to describe an entire continent.
Puran Guram thinks the 'Asian' is too broad a term to describe so many distinct cultures. (Puran Guram )

#ProudlyAsianCanadian Digital Series (CBC Facebook)
Meet Ottawa choreographer and storyteller, Brian Tong and find out what it means to him to be Asian-Canadian in 2021.
Ottawa choreographer Brian Tong has learned to respond and react to verbal racism and believes education is the key to harmony and peace. (Benoit Roussel)


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