Ben Franklin Place to reopen Wednesday after significant water leak

The City of Ottawa's office building on Centrepointe Drive in Nepean is closed until further notice because of a significant water leak.

Boiler issue forced City of Ottawa to close Nepean building Tuesday morning

The City of Ottawa closed Ben Franklin Place on Jan. 2, 2018, after a boiler issue caused a 'significant' water leak inside the municipal building. It's expected to reopen Wednesday. (Olivier Plante/CBC)

A major City of Ottawa office building in Nepean is expected to reopen Wednesday after a significant water leak.

Ben Franklin Place is home to an Ottawa Public Library branch, a city service centre and Centrepointe Theatre. All services are expected to resume regular hours Wednesday, according to a statement from the City of Ottawa late Tuesday afternoon.

Early Tuesday morning, the city announced the building had been temporarily shut down because of the leak, which it later said was caused by a boiler issue.

The councillor for the area said just before 1 p.m. that he had been in and out of the building on Tuesday and a "pretty huge" amount of water was being cleaned up by crews with industrial-strength equipment.

Rick Chiarelli said he too had been told it had something to do with the heating system, but didn't know exactly how that caused the leak or if the library or theatre were significantly damaged.

"The heating seemed erratic for a while today … in one area you may have super hot temperatures, another really cold," he said.

Many of the services at Ben Franklin Place were supposed to reopen Tuesday after being closed for the New Year's Day break.

"Families are showing up wanting to go to the library, wanting to buy [theatre] tickets, others wanting to get to the client service centre … people are disappointed. It's a steady stream [of people]," Chiarelli said.