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Ontario Votes 2018: Carleton

With no incumbent, the new riding of Carleton could be a battleground seat for the major political parties.

Newly created riding includes parts of old Carleton–Mississippi Mills, Nepean–Carleton ridings

In the new riding of Carleton, Goldie Ghamari is running for the PCs, Theresa Qadri is running for the Liberals and Courtney Potter is running for the NDP. (Submitted)

With no incumbent, the new riding of Carleton could become a battleground seat for the major political parties, although the rural area surrounding Ottawa has historically been a Progressive Conservative stronghold.

The large riding is mainly rural and includes Stittsville, Goulbourn, Munster, Manotick and Greely.

With renters making up only eight per cent of the riding, Carleton has a higher homeownership rate and a significantly higher average income than other parts of eastern Ontario. Its unemployment rate also falls well below the provincial average. 

This new riding is made from 25 per cent of the old Carleton–Mississippi Mills riding and 75 per cent of the old Nepean–Carleton riding, both of which have been held by the PCs for two decades.

Who's running?

Goldie Ghamari is hoping to continue that trend by taking the new riding for the PCs. Ghamari immigrated to Canada from Iran when she was a child and now works as an international trade and business lawyer. 

The Liberal candidate in the riding has a last name that will sound familiar to anyone knowledgeable about Ottawa politics. Theresa Qadri's husband, Shad Qadri, is the Ottawa city councillor for Stittsville. Theresa Qadri is a prominent volunteer in the city, having won the Governor General Sovereign's Medal for Volunteers.

NDP candidate Courtney Potter is a licensed paralegal who has worked with Habitat for Humanity.

High school teacher Gordan Kubanek is running for the Green Party of Ontario, Jay Tysick is running for the Ontario Party and Jean-Serge Brisson is on the ballot for the Ontario Libertarian Party. Mark Dickson is running as an independent, Kevin Harris is in the race for CAP and Evan Nightingale is running for the None of the Above Direct Democracy Party.