Smiths Falls celebrates Brooke Henderson's historic win

Brooke Henderson's historic win at the Canadian Women's Open has filled her hometown fans with pride.

Locals celebrate 'awesome' and 'humble' hometown heroine.

Plenty of pride on display at the Smith Falls Golf and Country Club. (Sandra Abma/CBC News)

Brooke Henderson's historic win at the Canadian Women's Open has filled her hometown fans with pride.

"I think the entire world could have heard Smiths Falls screaming from the roof tops when she made that putt," said Jennifer Aunger-Ritchie. 

The Smiths Falls real estate broker said she has two young daughters, four and seven, who have been learning the game at the Brooke Henderson juniors program at the Smiths Falls golf course.

Jennifer Aunger-Ritchie said her young daughters look up to Henderson and want to follow in her footsteps. (CBC News)

"A lot of times you hear them say I'm gonna be the next Brooke," said Aunger- Ritchie. 

Aunger- Ritchie thinks that Henderson's success, will lead to more girls signing up to play. 

"It's a really big for then to have a woman to look up to especially for little girls who want to play golf." 

Smiths Falls celebrates Brooke Henderson's historic win

5 years ago
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At the Smiths Falls golf course where Brook Henderson got her start, residents say they're not just proud, but honoured to be walking the same greens she trained on.

 Teenagers Harry Fleming and Aidan Desormeaux were heading off in a cart for a round of golf on Monday. They say its 'awesome' that a world class golfer learned the ropes on their local course.

 "That girl came from here and now she's winning tournaments,"said Fleming, shaking his head in wonder.

Fleming said he's noticed more out-of-town license plates in at the club's parking lot, since the 20-year old golfer starting making a name for herself on the LPGA circuit.

Desormeaux said Henderson's winning ways have added cachet to the playing the course.

"It's like playing on the same ice as your favourite NHLer, or your favourite football player on the same field. She walked right here."

Teenager Harry Fleming said he has seen a lot more out of town plates at the local golf course since Henderson's success. (CBC News.)

"She's going to be one of Canada's great sport heroes," said golf pro Paul Vaillancourt, who recognized Henderson's natural talent when she was only five years old. 

"When I saw her swinging the club, I knew instantly she was going to have a career in golf. I knew that right away," said Vaillancourt​.

" I knew she that one day she was going to win the Canadian Open, " he said. "I just didn't think it would be so quick."

Golf pro Paul Vaillancourt says he knew Henderson would one day become a pro golfer. (CBC News)

Golfer Randall Dunlop said Henderson has the kind of qualities all Canadians should emulate.

"I think the strength and courage she showed, particularly on the 18th hole was a transformational moment for Canada," said Dunlop.

Golfer Randall Dunlop said Henderson's performance was impressive.

Ten-year old Jack Dinsmore was practicing his putting with his grandfather. He said he dreams of growing up to be a pro, and Henderson makes that dream a possibility. 

"She played really good," said Dinsmore. "I want to play like that some day too."

Ten year old Jack Dinsmore said he wants to play like Henderson one day.