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Susan Burgess is an associate producer on CBC Radio's All In A Day. You can reach her at or on Twitter @susanmburgess.

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Charities rush to fix donation bins after deadly mishaps

Charities that distribute clothing donation bins in Ottawa are rushing to fix them after a string of incidents in other cities in which people became trapped inside, including several reported fatalities.

Anglican church welcomes Indigenous teacher who once renounced Christianity

The dean of Ottawa's Anglican diocese developed a deep friendship with an Indigenous spiritual leader in the wake of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Now, he's invited Albert Dumont to teach at Christ Church Cathedral.

West end residents blast 'bait and switch' student housing

Glabar Park residents and their city councillor were expecting eight families to move into eight new townhouses on Woodroffe Avenue. But unbeknownst to all of them, the property was sold to a new developer who's doubled the number of units and more than tripled the total number of bedrooms.

Wait for answers 'devastating' for family of police shooting victim

Months after a 43-year-old mentally ill man was shot to death at the Morrisburg OPP detachment, his family is still in the dark and they're troubled the province is now mothballing proposed reforms to police oversight.

Toxic coral in home aquarium blamed for making Gatineau family sick

Seven members of a Gatineau, Que., family, including a pregnant woman and three small children, fell ill on Sunday while setting up a large aquarium. They blame toxins released by coral for landing them in hospital and driving them from their home.

Phoenix fix approaching $1B as feds look at scrapping system

After pouring more than $900 million in taxpayer money into the beleaguered Phoenix pay system, the federal government is looking at eventually scrapping the software altogether.

Darn your socks, help the planet

Want to tread lightly on Mother Earth? You can start by fixing the hole in your sock, according to the folks at the Ottawa Tool Library.

Churches upset by new abortion clause in jobs program

Organizations seeking funding for summer jobs through a federal program must now check a box to affirm that their "core mandate" respects reproductive rights. But some call it an attack on freedom of religion.

Reports of Smart car fires in Ontario multiply

More Ontario drivers are telling their stories of fires in Smart cars following CBC's report of incidents in Ottawa and Brockville. One says she's baffled by Transport Canada's apparent lack of interest in her case.

Wheels of bureaucracy go round for school bus cameras

A pilot project in Ottawa that mounted cameras on school buses led to dozens of drivers being ticketed for illegally passing stopped buses, but two years later, a permanent program expected within months still isn't rolling.