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NCC 'officializing' rogue trails in Gatineau Park

Following months of public consultations, the NCC is moving to recognize dozens of kilometres of Gatineau Park trails once considered off-limits.

Rare white deer native to Europe pops up in rural south Ottawa

A white fallow deer has moved into a field near the south Ottawa suburb of Manotick, to the delight of people living nearby.

Woman says her home was mistaken for an Airbnb 4 times

An Ottawa woman says she repeatedly found misguided tourists on her doorstep who believed they had rented her house on Airbnb, and she never received an answer as to how it happened.

Ottawa man's mysterious tax bill may shine light on 'synthetic identity fraud'

Not only does Enrique Rosado owe much more than he thought, his annual bill from the Canada Revenue Agency claims he worked for a mysterious Toronto company no one can track down. According to experts, the 65-year-old has probably been targeted in what's known as a 'synthetic identity scam.'

Haus vs. House: Plant store names cause thorny rift

The owner of an Elgin Street plant business has to change her business name because of the similarities between the name "Haus of Plants" and a fellow local florist's "House of Plants."

Algonquin 'Guardians' explore culture one spruce stitch at a time

An elder Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg Algonquin is leading a group of land stewards called "Guardians" through a cultural education workshop that involves building a birch bark canoe from the ground up.

Watch out, 'peak pothole' season looms

March is typically the busiest month for City of Ottawa pothole repair crews, and although residents have begun to report broken roads, one local auto shop says we haven't seen the worst of it yet.

Stores struggle to match demand for Ukrainian flags

Two stores that sell flags and national symbols in Ottawa say they are overwhelmed with demand for flags of Ukraine as residents support the country under attack by Russia.

Steam Whistle buys Beau's Brewing Co.

Toronto-based Steam Whistle Brewing has purchased Beau's Brewing Co., though the brewer says it will maintain a presence in eastern Ontario.

Bounced from hospital to hospital, injured teen blames his Quebec health card

A Gatineau, Que., teenager who badly broke his hand last week has now been transferred to seven different hospitals across Ontario and Quebec, with no one able to agree on who should treat him.