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Simon Gardner has been a journalist with CBC since 1988. He's won awards for reporting on a wide range of subjects ranging from foreign wars to police corruption. He can be reached at

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Fishy online reviews threatening to sink Ottawa pool companies

The owners of three Ottawa businesses say they're victims of an online smear campaign aimed at driving potential customers to competitors.

Flying tractor-trailer wheel was 'like a missile,' says witness to fatal crash

Wallace Murphy was travelling right beside the cargo van that was struck Friday morning by a dual wheel set that had come detached from a tractor-trailer, killing the driver instantly.

Families shouldering burden as home care dwindles for dying patients

A surge in demand for palliative home care is leaving some dying patients on a waiting list, forcing their families to step in to look after their loved ones' most basic needs.

Legal experts raise alarm over court delays after murder trial halted

Legal experts and victims advocates fear more murder cases will be halted because of long delays getting them to trial.

Children of God sex cult survivors come out of the shadows

Jerry Golland and Danielle Fortin of Ottawa spent years as members of the Children of God, one of the world's most notorious religious cults. Women were forced to offer their bodies to potential recruits, while children suffered both sexual and physical abuse.

Indian status card confusion arises from Home Hardware incident

Confusion over an Ontario provincial tax exemption for people with Indian status cards is creating unnecessary conflict between customers and merchants, according to a group representing Ontario's Aboriginal community.