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Simon Gardner has been a journalist with CBC since 1988. He's won awards for reporting on a wide range of subjects ranging from foreign wars to police corruption. He can be reached at

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New exposure for master portrait photographer Yousuf Karsh

Fifteen years after Yousuf Karsh died, a much more complete picture of the great portrait photographer’s life and work is available online.

Alcohol abuse clinic reducing return trips to Ottawa emergency rooms

A pilot project aimed at reducing the number of alcoholics who make return visits to Ottawa hospital emergency rooms is showing some promising results halfway into its mandate.

Heavy rainfall washes out roads around Ottawa

Residents are having to deal with flooded laneways and it's not over yet.

Community and Police Action Committee faces barrage of criticism over wristbands

At a meeting of a committee that works to improve relations between diverse communities and Ottawa police, speaker after speaker ripped into the force over a controversial wristband campaign supporting an officer charged with manslaughter.

Fishy online reviews threatening to sink Ottawa pool companies

The owners of three Ottawa businesses say they're victims of an online smear campaign aimed at driving potential customers to competitors.

Toxins in well water near Smiths Falls finally dissipating, residents learn

People living in 11 homes near Smiths Falls have been forced to drink bottled water for the past four months. The level of toxins in the ground water is going down, but authorities can't predict when it will be safe to drink again.

Gatineau travel agency warns about cheap vacation package scam

Fraud has always been a problem in the travel industry, but a Gatineau agency says one particular scam — fraudulent bookings to sunny destinations like Jamaica or the Dominican Republic — is becoming more prevalent.

Flying tractor-trailer wheel was 'like a missile,' says witness to fatal crash

Wallace Murphy was travelling right beside the cargo van that was struck Friday morning by a dual wheel set that had come detached from a tractor-trailer, killing the driver instantly.

Silence not the way to fight Islamophobia in Ottawa, crowd hears

Muslim women say keeping quiet and turning the other cheek is not the way to fight Islamophobia in Ottawa.

School of the Photographic Arts: Ottawa is a small school — with a big vision

At a time when some other photo schools have closed, the School of Photographic Arts: Ottawa is expanding and moving into a state of the art, renovated facility.