Shaamini Yogaretnam

CBC Ottawa reporter

Shaamini Yogaretnam is CBC Ottawa's justice, crime and police reporter. She has spent a decade covering crime in the nation's capital. You can reach her at or 613-220-2486. You can find her on Twitter at @shaaminiwhy

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3 men charged in fatal attack on physiotherapist

Ottawa police have charged three men with fatally beating a local physiotherapist.

Police officer could be demoted after shoplifting $87 in groceries

Ottawa Police Services Const. Sarah Bell was caught shoplifting half her groceries at a Gatineau, Que., supermarket in 2021. She's now pleaded guilty under the Police Services Act to discreditable conduct.

City quietly resumed investigation into alleged hate crime, firefighters deny wrongdoing

The City of Ottawa is continuing a workplace harassment investigation into an alleged attack on the fire department’s first openly non-binary firefighter, even while there are active criminal charges laid in the case.

Officer pleads guilty to trying to look up 95-year-old father's information

An Ottawa police officer who tried to breach the national police database to get information about his ailing 95-year-old father — in what was an attempt to see if the system was working — has pleaded guilty to misconduct.

Ottawa had 16 homicides in 2022 — and nearly half the victims were women or girls

Normally, the majority of homicide victims in Ottawa would be men. The fact so many victims in 2022 were women is a sign, in the words of one local advocate, of an 'ongoing collective crisis.'

Ottawa police superintendent charged with sexual assault, breach of trust

An Ottawa police superintendent has been charged with sexual assault and breach of trust, nearly six months after he was suspended amid an investigation into his alleged misconduct.

Former police equity council member charged with forging signature

A community organizer who ran engagement sessions to help recruit the city’s police chief has been charged with forging a signature on a reference letter for another organization he founded.

Ottawa cop acquitted of sexual misconduct against rookie colleague

An Ottawa police officer accused of sexually assaulting a rookie colleague in 2011 has been acquitted of any misconduct after a disciplinary hearing.

Suspended Ottawa police superintendent not on witness list for convoy commission

A suspended Ottawa police superintendent who was at the centre of cancelled convoy raids, oversaw early lapses in local intelligence, and levied an allegation of collusion against his deputy chief is not scheduled to testify at the public inquiry into the occupation.

Police board aims to hire new chief by end of term, despite election

Seven people have applied to be the next chief of police in the nation's capital, according to the chair of the Ottawa Police Services Board, who said the plans remain to hire a new chief before the end of this term of council.