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Doctor's paintings make lasting impression on bereaved families

When a patient under Dr. Marisa Azad's care died in 2017, she created a digital painting for his family. Now she's studying the intimate link between art and grieving.

Business blooming for Ottawa-area plant sellers

Purveyors of house plants in the Ottawa area say they're having a tough time keeping up with demand as the pandemic continues to strangle supply.

Part-time NAC staff 'shocked' after being fired during pandemic

Seventeen part-time box office employees have been let go by the National Arts Centre, following a year during which performances were cancelled and ticket sales dried up.

Seniors express hope, relief as they get COVID-19 vaccine

Some seniors received their first shot of the COVID-19 vaccine at the new community vaccine clinic at the Ruddy Family YMCA-YWCA in Orléans on Wednesday.

In-person Lansdowne concert moves ahead as city teeters on red zone

Plans to host a live outdoor concert at Lansdowne Park for 100 people in two weeks are forging ahead, amid concerns Ottawa may be going into the red zone.

From depression to self-harm, teens are struggling during COVID-19

Stresses and anxieties of the past year have led to more cases of self-harm, opioid use and eating disorders among young people.

Vaccine rollout for Indigenous community expands

The campaign to get the COVID-19 vaccine into the arms of Ottawa's Indigenous community has been so successful, it's ramping up with a move to a larger facility and expanding eligibility to adults 50 years and older.

Museums, galleries prepare for another bleak year

Citing gains in digital outreach and innovation, the leaders of Ottawa's national museums are determined to stay positive as they anticipate another year of shutdowns and lower-than-usual revenues.

Vaccinations begin for hundreds of Indigenous elders

Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health begins its campaign to inoculate Indigenous elders against the COVID-19 virus.

Calls to 211 helpline soar during COVID-19 pandemic

An Ottawa community organization says distress calls to the city's 211 service have climbed by 44 per cent since the spring, with operators fielding hundreds of calls a day.