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Ryan is a reporter with CBC Toronto's Enterprise unit. He has also worked for CBC in Vancouver, Yellowknife and Ottawa, filing for web, radio and TV. You can reach him by email at ryan.jones@cbc.ca.

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Developers, housing advocate criticize development fee increase amid housing crisis

A representative of the development industry and a housing advocate are warning that a recent decision by Toronto city council to raise the cost of building new housing could further squeeze the city's supply and result in less affordable housing.

Passengers with disabilities say they want to remain in wheelchairs on flights

People who rely on wheelchairs for mobility, advocates and the U.S. Transportation Secretary argue it’s time to make air travel more accessible so people living with disabilities have a more equitable flying experience.

Only 17% of Toronto's licensed for-profit daycares have signed onto the $10-a-day program so far

Many owners of licensed, for-profit daycare centres say they are wary of joining the $10-a-day government child-care program because of uncertainty around how it will impact their bottom line and worries that the program provides governments with too much power to dictate how they can operate.

GTA tow-truck industry violence: Charges against 6 withdrawn as prosecution case partially collapses

The high-profile, months-long police investigation aimed at snuffing out violence in the Greater Toronto Area's tow-truck industry has partially collapsed, leaving six people who were accused of more than 70 arson, drug and gun offences walking out of court with their charges stayed.
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Elnaz Hajtamiri's ex-boyfriend hired a private investigator to watch her before Wasaga Beach abduction

The former boyfriend of Elnaz Hajtamiri hired a private investigator to keep tabs on her location in the days and weeks before she was violently abducted more than three months ago, CBC News has learned.

Be careful what you sign: Ontario man fighting for home after private mortgage gone wrong

Christian Brooks of Markham, Ont., got a $195,000 mortgage loan in 2019. Less than three years later, the lender says he owes $248,000 and is accusing him of missing payments.

Oakville couple says house sale at risk due to tenants who refuse to leave, Landlord and Tenant Board delays

An Oakville couple say they are caught in a nightmare scenario because the people living in the downstairs apartment of their Mississauga investment home refuse to leave more than six months after they sold it — and there's little they can do.

TD customer questions $50 charge for donating to Ukraine aid efforts. The bank is now among those waiving fees

A Toronto woman is questioning TD Bank after she was charged —  but later reimbursed — a $50 fee for donating to Ukrainian relief efforts several days after Russia unilaterally invaded the country in Eastern Europe. 
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Police charge ex-boyfriend of woman abducted in Wasaga Beach with criminal harassment

Police have arrested a man as part of an investigation into a woman who was abducted in Wasaga Beach, Ont., last month, CBC News has learned.

Mississauga council wants integrity commissioner to investigate allegations councillor keyed colleague's car

Mississauga council has asked the city’s integrity commissioner to investigate allegations that a sitting councillor repeatedly vandalized the vehicle of one of his council colleagues.