Robyn Miller


Robyn Miller is a multi-platform journalist at CBC Ottawa. She has also worked at CBC in Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador.

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Tiny frogs posing big problem for Gatineau developers

Tiny frogs could cause big problems for a Gatineau developer who's hoping to get started on a major construction project worth up to half a billion dollars.

OC Transpo failing to communicate during LRT delays, commissioner says

A citizen member of Ottawa's transit commission is concerned OC Transpo's handling of communications surrounding LRT delays will erode public trust in the new system. 

Dunrobin still rebuilding 1 year after tornado

Residents of the community in rural west Ottawa continue to recover, both physically and emotionally, one year after a devastating tornado uprooted their lives.

Filling 'prescriptions' for fruit and veggies blowing food bank's budget

An Ottawa food bank that accepts "prescriptions" for fresh produce is struggling to keep up as more and more people come from across the city looking for fruit and vegetables.

Retailers roll out the red carpet for LRT riders

Retailers along the Confederation Line are rolling out the red carpet for transit riders, offering promotions and incentives to take advantage of the extra foot traffic near the city's new light rail stations. 

Bylaw crackdown smoking out vapers at Ottawa schools

The number of fines issued for vaping on school property in Ottawa grew an estimated three-fold last year as bylaw officers continue to crack down on students trying to sneak a quick smoke between classes. 

'Drunk' raccoons seen stumbling around Stittsville

Inebriated raccoons have been spotted stumbling around Stittsville and sleeping off their hangovers in broad daylight, residents say.

Helping pollinators in Ottawa, one native plant at a time

An Ottawa woman is encouraging other residents to roll up their sleeves and plant pollinator gardens to help struggling insect populations.

'They're really in a tight spot': Midwives cover summer nursing shortage in Shawville

A team of midwives is stepping in to help cover a summer nursing shortage in the small community of Shawville, Que. They'll be working with doctors to help deliver babies and provide postnatal care to women.

Still more dead fish in Gatineau prompts fear of water

More than a thousand dead fish have been found on the shores of the Lièvre and Ottawa rivers. It's the third discovery of dead fish in the area this month, and residents who live on the water want answers.