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Rachelle Elsiufi is a journalist with CBC Ottawa. She previously worked as a reporter with Citynews in Edmonton. You can reach her at rachelle.elsiufi@cbc.ca

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Pride flag torn down in 'cowardly' act, says Ottawa woman

One Ottawa neighbourhood plans to hang more than a dozen Pride flags in a show of solidarity after one was torn down from a house Friday night. 

Dog attack victims describe close calls with major injuries

Two men say they were attacked by an unleashed dog that came at one of them "like a missile" on Saturday evening.

Mother says storm stress changed son's personality overnight

The children’s hospital in Ottawa says it’s getting more referrals about children suffering stress and anxiety following last month’s big storm.

'The pandemic isn't over': Transit users react to mask mandate lifting

Many transit users CBC Ottawa spoke to this weekend said they will continue to wear masks, despite Ontario having lifted most remaining mask mandates on Saturday.

Challenging storm cleanup still far from over southwest of Ottawa

In some places two hours southwest of Ottawa the debris and downed trees from the derecho storm are still exactly where the storm left them more than two weeks ago.

Homeowners facing major backlog to repair damage from May 21 storm

Labour shortages, supply chain problems and the rising cost of materials are contributing to long delays for homeowners hoping to get work done.

Gull wires won't go up at 2 Ottawa beaches this summer

Residents are worried about a potential increase of E. coli because the City of Ottawa won't install wires to prevent birds at Britannia and Mooney’s Bay beaches.
Ontario Votes 2022

What Ontario's major parties are offering for autism funding

More than 50,000 children with autism are on the wait-list to access core services in the province. Here’s how each party plans to tackle that.

Lebanese-Canadians hope weekend election results in change back home

Ottawa's sizable Lebanese-Canadian community is paying close attention to the results of the weekend election, with turnout high among expats who cast ballots.

Wife upset paramedics took 90 minutes to reach cyclist who crashed in Gatineau Park

An experienced cyclist had a bad crash last week in Gatineau Park, and his wife says it took 90 minutes for paramedics to arrive to help treat the numerous fractures and a collapsed lung,