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Priscilla Ki Sun Hwang is a reporter with CBC News based in Ottawa. She's worked with the investigative unit, CBC Toronto, and CBC North in Yellowknife, Whitehorse and Iqaluit. She has a Master of Journalism from Carleton University. Want to contact her? Email

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'Waiting for our death': Afghan military lawyers beg Canada for help to escape

Ex-military legal officer Cory Moore helped 12 Afghan military lawyers and other staff apply for Canada's special one-year immigration program for Afghans. That program has since closed, but these families still don't have answers.

Denied medical assistance in dying in Ottawa, she is going to Brampton

An Ottawa woman who's tried for years to get approved for medical assistance in dying says the long wait has significantly reduced her quality of life, and she hopes for less barriers for others as she prepares to travel five hours away for the procedure next week.

Algonquin family urges Petawawa to reconsider Indian Diamond Park's new name

The granddaughter of well-known late Algonquin Elder Skip Ross says the Town of Petawawa, Ont., "missed the mark" by not renaming the baseball diamond after her grandfather.

They've experienced discrimination in Petawawa, Ont. These are their stories

As community members push town council in Petawawa, Ont., to create a diversity and inclusion committee, some locals are opening up about their first-hand experience with racism and discrimination.

This family waited years for a visa others get within weeks. Now they want answers

Victoria Clarke has been waiting nearly two years to get a Canadian visitor visa from Gambia to see her children and grandchildren in Ottawa after her husband died of COVID-19.

'Bad batch' of drugs suspected in overdose spike

Wendy Muckle with Ottawa Inner City Health says the increase in suspected overdoses is not surprising but heartbreaking, based on what she sees at a safe consumption site.

Petawawa fails to fly Pride flag again, citing what some call an 'outdated' policy

Members of the LGBTQ community in a small eastern Ontario town are frustrated and demanding change, after their mayor dismissed their request to fly the Pride flag during Pride Month again, citing a 1998 town policy.

Other newcomers forgotten as eyes remain on Ukraine, say advocates

Some advocates working with refugees and newcomers to Ottawa say people have largely forgotten those who fled various countries and are resettling in the region, as news headlines focus on helping Ukrainians fleeing war.

Pandemic hiatus leaves some young athletes with 2 left feet

A clumsy dribble or two, awkward social skills, and more frequent "catch your breath" breaks — sport instructors across Ottawa say they're noticing developmental challenges in some of their young athletes.

Public servants express 'zero faith' in Phoenix damages claims process after long waits

Federal public servants say they're frustrated and have lost faith in the compensation process set up to acknowledge their severe financial and personal hardships due to the government's troubled pay system.