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Nicole Williams is a journalist for CBC News based in Ottawa. She has also worked in P.E.I. and Toronto. She is part of the team that won a 2021 Canadian Association of Journalists national award for investigative journalism. Write in confidence to

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Death of baby at Ottawa motel exposes gaps in city's response to homelessness

The death of an infant at the Ottawa Inn earlier this year has prompted questions and criticism about how the city supports its homeless population.

Some rural eastern Ontario residents could still be without power for weeks

It could be days, if not weeks longer before some customers in rural eastern Ontario could see their power restored, according to Hydro One.

Power outages drag on for thousands of customers

Hydro Ottawa says it likely won't have power restored to all customers until Friday, nearly two full weeks after a powerful storm swept through the region.

City staff to fix Somerset House and send property owner the bill

Ottawa city council has approved a motion that would get the city's general manager of planning to order some long-neglected repairs to Somerset House and send the bill to the downtown heritage building's owner.

Some Ottawa businesses reserving times for vaccinated customers only

Ontario businesses are no longer required to check someone's vaccine status at the door, but some businesses in Ottawa say they plan to reserve times to serve vaccinated customers only.

Provincial penalties against protest truck drivers expired after 1 week

Truck drivers penalized with provincial infractions for their involvement in the weeks-long occupation in downtown Ottawa saw those penalties expire after a week, something critics say is not harsh enough.

The trucks have left Ottawa, but 'phantom honking' lingers for many downtown

The trucks involved in the almost month-long occupation of downtown Ottawa streets have been removed but some residents say they're left struggling with "phantom honking." 

Protesters gone from downtown Ottawa but camps remain nearby

Protesters may no longer be set up in downtown Ottawa but some have relocated elsewhere in the region, with private property owners offering up sites for people to regroup.

No children of protesters taken into protection, say officials

All the children brought to the occupation in downtown Ottawa were still with their parents as of Sunday, despite widespread arrests over the weekend, according to the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa (CASO).

'My hair's been falling out': Nurses hit with protest stress after 2 years of COVID

Nurses are still in the thick of the pandemic and some say the ongoing protest in Ottawa has left them tired and defeated.