Miriam Katawazi

Miriam is a web writer for CBC Ottawa. After graduating from Carleton University’s journalism and human rights programs, she’s worked for the Windsor Star, The Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star. She can be reached at miriam.katawazi@cbc.ca or @miriamkatawazi on Twitter.

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Feds announce funding for unique veterans' home in Ottawa

The federal government is paying more than half the cost of Canada's first home designed specifically for homeless veterans Tuesday, a month before construction is scheduled to start.

'Just 2 regular guys': Trudeau, Obama grab a pint at Ottawa brewery

For Big Rig's Sophie Prescott, it was just a "casual hangout" at her bar — albeit one between a pair of high-profile customers.

Life lessons from Ottawa's older generation

We asked three of Ottawa's older residents — a former doctor, a military veteran and a world traveller — to pass along one piece of timeless wisdom. Here's what they said.

'They give me joy': Facebook group offers snapshot of life's brighter side

Kevin Chitamun's Facebook group is focused on pictures of joy from around the globe. The Ottawa man launched the group to inspire people around the world to see the beauty that surrounds them. It also helped him when he struggled with addiction.

'It just gives me hope': People on autism spectrum help run café

The Owl Café and Meeting Place, which opened Monday, is one of Ottawa's only social enterprises that specifically hires and trains staff and interns on the autism spectrum.

CBC Ottawa news quiz for the week of Sept. 23

How closely did you follow the past seven days in local news? Take our quiz and find out.

'I was so afraid': Refugees falling prey to CRA scam

Refugees and other newcomers are disproportionately falling prey to an insidious phone scam involving fake Canada Revenue agents, and some are losing everything they have.

Ottawa police investigate after private homicide report shared in mass email

Ottawa police mistakenly released an internal document about a Saturday night homicide that contained the names of witnesses, their statements and their personal information.

Donations pour in for bus driver who helped woman in niqab

An Ottawa bus driver who came to the defence of a student wearing niqab in 2016 is fighting cancer and getting help from the same community he tried to protect.

How an Ottawa teacher is helping students unlearn learning

Rebecca Chambers, a teacher at John McCrae Secondary School, is on a crusade to help her students unlearn traditional learning.