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Streetwear brand Raised By Wolves marks 15 years of keeping Ottawa stylish

Ottawa apparel designer Cal Green says his latest Raised By Wolves collection is the most technical he's ever produced — and the Canadian Arts & Fashion Awards seems to agree.

Software engineering student saves the day for frustrated LRT riders

While mechanical engineers with OC Transpo work to bring Ottawa's light rail system back into service, a software engineering student from the University of Ottawa has created a series of maps to help bus riders avoid the often overcrowded and delayed R1 replacement shuttle buses. 

Law prof confident extradition in Nation River Lady case will be straightforward

An expert in extradition law says proceedings to return the Florida man charged in a decades-old homicide in Canada are likely to be straightforward, though the timeline may be harder to predict.

Atletico Ottawa supporters have high hopes for CPL Final

As Atletico Ottawa prepares for its Sunday evening championship game against Forge FC, team supporters continue to express hope for what a Canadian Premier League championship would mean for soccer in this city in the years to come.

Atletico Ottawa secures first place with a game to go and CPL playoffs in sight

From worst to first, Atletico Ottawa rewards diehard fans for their patience and support.

Drag performance brightens ailing grandmother's day before going viral

Eric has only been performing in drag for about a year, but he knew he wanted his grandmother to see a live show before it's too late.

Dentists lobby to administer COVID-19 vaccines

As Ottawa residents flood online registration sites and pharmacy phone lines to gain access to COVID-19 vaccinations, some local dentists are wondering why their offers to join the effort have been ignored.

Cottage life beckons in COVID-19 days, say realtors

Wishing you had a lakeside cottage or a country retreat to get away to this long weekend? You're not alone, according to local real estate agents who've seen a mini-boom in cottage and recreations property sales in recent weeks, despite — or perhaps because of — the pandemic.

6 ways to speed up your home internet connection

As we all hunker down with video chats, streaming and online games, home internet for many households struggles to keep up with demand. A Carleton computer scientist has some tips to avoid internet bottlenecks.

Look up, way up, for some COVID-19 stress relief

Clearer skies make for moments of mental clarity, according to backyard astronomer Gary Boyle.