Marc-André Cossette

Reporter and Associate Producer

Marc-André Cossette is a reporter with CBC Ottawa. He also works as an associate producer with the CBC's Parliamentary Bureau. Connect with him on Twitter @MarcCossette.

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Residents question 2-year timeline to replace Harmer Avenue bridge

With its rusty, sagging chain-link canopy, it isn’t hard to see why the time has come to replace the 55-year-old Harmer Avenue pedestrian bridge. But some neighbours are wondering why the city needs two years to get the job done.

Sexual assault reports up more than 50 per cent in Kingston, Ont.

Kingston, Ont., saw the biggest spike in violent crime among all Canadian cities last year, according to new data from Statistics Canada, with a 53 per cent jump in police-reported sexual assaults driving much of the increase.

Window contractors press PCs for more time to complete retrofits

Window contractors are scrambling to complete a surge of orders after the Ontario PC government scrapped the GreenON rebate program last month.

Drivers slam bridge detour as city defends shared route

Cyclists aren’t the only ones slamming the city’s new Harmer Avenue bridge detour. Drivers say they worry the shared route will anger impatient motorists and endanger the safety of cyclists on the road.

Experts pan ministry's cancellation of Indigenous curriculum revisions

Experts are slamming the Ontario Ministry of Education's last-minute cancellation of an Indigenous curriculum revision project, worried the decision might signal the PC government's intention to abandon reconciliation efforts.

Ottawa hit hard by CRA fraudsters

If you've received a threatening phone call from someone claiming to work for the Canada Revenue Agency, you're not alone. Ottawa was a hotspot for the phone extortion scam last month.

Canadian company tied to Facebook data scandal denies lying to Commons committee

MPs from across party lines tore into a senior executive of a B.C.-based tech firm involved in the Facebook data scandal, accusing him of obfuscation and reminding him several times that he was testifying under oath.

Judge to decide whether to reveal mystery player allegedly involved in bread price-fixing

An Ontario Superior Court judge has reserved judgment on whether to reveal the identity of a mystery player alleged to have been involved in an industry-wide scheme to raise the price of bread products.

Liberal MP Nicola Di Iorio resigns, citing family reasons

Nicola Di Iorio, Liberal MP for Saint-Léonard—Saint Michel, announced Wednesday he is leaving politics, citing family reasons.

Conservatives demand Liberals act to halt illegal border crossings

Conservative MPs are calling on the federal government to take “immediate action” to halt illegal border crossings, describing the flow of asylum seekers from the United States as a “crisis without a plan.”