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Laura Osman is a reporter for The Canadian Press.

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Islamic call to prayer being heard for the first time across Canada

The Al Rashid Mosque has stood in Edmonton since 1938, but no one there today can remember ever hearing the daily call to prayer ring out through the loudspeakers.

Most Canadians comfortable with pace of easing restrictions: poll

As provinces start to tiptoe toward normalcy by gently lifting restrictions aimed at slowing the spread of COVID-19, a new poll suggests Canadians are largely happy with the pace. 

Scientists concerned focus on COVID-19 disrupting regular health research funds

Canada's health research granting agency has postponed its usual funding competition due to COVID-19, sparking concern the lack of money could disrupt regular health research. 

Doctors concerned over surgery backlog after immediate COVID-19 crisis

Doctors say they're becoming increasingly concerned about how they will handle the swelling backlog of elective surgeries once the immediate COVID-19 threat has ebbed. Hospitals have put off non-urgent surgeries to focus on the viral outbreak. 

Long-term care deaths expected to rise as growth of total cases slows: Tam

The number of deaths in long-term care facilities is expected to keep rising, even as the growth of overall COVID-19 cases begins to slow, Canada's top public health official warned Monday. 

Federal government urges med students, retirees to volunteer in the fight against COVID-19

The federal government is seeking volunteers with medical experience to provide backup support in the fight against COVID-19.

We won't know if social isolation is working for weeks, months: Tam

Canada's top doctor says it might be months before we know whether social distancing measures being employed across the country right now are slowing the spread of COVID-19.

Perth doctor rigs up solution to feared ventilator shortage

A doctor in eastern Ontario has improvised a way to double his small hospital's ventilator capacity in preparation for a possible COVID-19 outbreak.

Ottawa's COVID-19 assessment centre turning many away

Many of the hundreds of people descending on Canada's first dedicated COVID-19 assessment centre went home without being tested on Saturday after falling short of the criteria requiring them to be screened for the respiratory illness.

City declares housing emergency

Canada's capital has become the first city in the country to declare a housing and homelessness emergency, but it's not at all clear what, if anything, that will change.