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Pedalling while pregnant: The good, the bad and the ugly

With a big, pregnant belly, I cycled to and from work in downtown Ottawa every weekday, right up until my maternity leave began. Some people didn't like it, and they let me know.

Trigger warnings: Rash of south Ottawa shootings worries police, residents

A dispute between rival drug pushers led to a rash of shootings in south Ottawa this year — far more than anywhere else in the city, CBC News has learned. The area had a big gang problem in the late 1990s and early 2000s, but the situation today is different than it was then.

Former hostage Joshua Boyle's trial likely suspended — potentially for years

The trial of former hostage Joshua Boyle has been adjourned until Friday, by which time his estranged wife's lawyer is expected to have filed an application that could suspend the Ottawa case for years and open up the possibility of a Jordan application.

Joshua Boyle made list of rules for spouse to live by, trial hears

Former hostage Joshua Boyle wrote up a list of rules his now-estranged spouse Caitlan Coleman had to live by, including that she please him sexually twice a day, and that she refer to their children as sir and madame to remind her of her lowest place in the family.

Joshua Boyle's 911 call played at his assault trial

The 911 call Joshua Boyle made to Ottawa police in December 2017, alleging the former hostage's wife was threatening to end her life, was played in a packed courtroom Tuesday on the second day of his trial.

Joshua Boyle's trial opens with estranged spouse electing to lift publication ban

The trial of former hostage Joshua Boyle, charged with assault, sexual assault and other offences, began Monday with one of the alleged victims, his estranged spouse, electing to lift the publication ban that has shielded her identity for more than a year.

Former hostage Joshua Boyle's criminal trial set to start today

The trial of former hostage Joshua Boyle, charged with assault, sexual assault and more, is scheduled to begin in an Ottawa courtroom Monday morning.
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Gang violence drove 2018's high homicide rate, police say

For yet another year, the number of homicides in Ottawa was higher than normal, and police say gang activity is playing an increasingly large role.

Another shooting record broken, and here's where it all happened

Another year, another record-breaking number of shootings in Canada's capital. So far this year there have been 76 shootings in Ottawa, breaking last year's record high of 75. CBC News has mapped out every incident.

This Kingston councillor is ditching lawn signs. Should his opponents follow?

Jim Neill, a veteran city councillor in Kingston, Ont., is abandoning lawn signs leading up to October's municipal election and wants others to do the same. But does it make sense for everyone?