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Kate Porter covers municipal affairs for CBC Ottawa. Over the past two decades, she has also produced in-depth reports for radio, web and TV, regularly presented the radio news, and covered the arts beat.

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Derailment video shown to LRT public inquiry on final day of hearings

On the final day of testimony at the public inquiry investigating Ottawa's light rail system, the commission saw video of the incident that arguably led to it all in the first place: a derailed train pulling out of Tremblay Station last fall, spewing stones onto the platform.

Thread of 2019 WhatsApp texts show mayor's fixation on details during LRT woes

Hundreds of messages sent on WhatsApp in 2019 give an unprecedented glimpse into Mayor Jim Watson's desire for a "granular level of detail" about Ottawa's LRT.

LRT Stage 2 expansion needs $60M in extra funding immediately

City of Ottawa staff say another $60 million is needed for the ongoing construction of Stage 2 of the O-Train, with almost half that money being used to top up a contingency fund that is almost empty long before any of the three extended rail lines has opened.

Former transit manager grilled over WhatsApp messages, LRT testing changes

OC Transpo's former manager John Manconi faced the harshest questioning yet at the Ottawa light rail public inquiry on Tuesday. Wednesday's proceedings are underway.

LRT inquiry lawyer questions consultant Brian Guest's political and family ties

City consultant Brian Guest, who was deeply involved in planning Ottawa's light rail system, faced questions about whether his family and political ties led to his key role in the city's rail office at the LRT public inquiry Monday.

'Super consultant' to testify as blockbuster week at LRT inquiry kicks off

It’s expected to be a big week at the public inquiry into Ottawa’s light rail system as a number of well-known Ottawa officials answer questions under oath — including 'super consultant' Brian Guest Monday afternoon.

LRT public inquiry demands Ottawa council's WhatsApp, text messages

Ottawa city councillors, the mayor, and high-level staffers have been ordered to produce messages they sent via platforms such as cellphone text and WhatsApp, among others, by the end of the day.

Key suppliers behind Ottawa's LRT not co-ordinated, inquiry hears

The group that built Ottawa’s Confederation Line didn’t do a great job meshing Ottawa’s new light rail trains with the computer system that controls them, a public inquiry has heard.

Alstom was 'pushing the limit' of what a light rail car can do, inquiry hears

Train-maker Alstom created a vehicle for the Confederation Line that did not yet exist and that was "pushing the limits" of what a light rail car can do, the Ottawa LRT public inquiry heard Thursday.

Expect blame, new details as light rail public hearings begin

Documents released ahead of a long-awaited public inquiry into Ottawa's light rail transit system reveal new details about the atypical design of the city's trains and strained behind-the-scenes relationships.