Karla Hilton

Enterprise Producer, CBC Ottawa

Karla Hilton is an award-winning producer, with two decades experience at CBC. She can be reached at karla.hilton@cbc.ca

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CBC Investigates

Questions prompt coroner's inquest into 1996 construction death

A CBC news investigation into the March 2016 construction site death of Olivier Bruneau has prompted the regional coroner to examine the death of Jesus Revilla, who died in 1996 while working for the same company, under the same supervisor.

How a $1,400 payday loan ballooned to more than $10K

Robbie McCall found out the hard way how even a small loan from a payday lender can soon multiply exponentially.
The Big Owe

Why buying my home was a bad investment

As a personal finance blogger, Desirae Odjick makes it her mission to understand the smartest way to spend money. And after crunching the numbers, she found buying her first home was not a good investment.
The Big Owe

How rising interest rates are squeezing homeowners

After seven years of low interest rates, recent hikes by the Bank of Canada are forcing some homeowners to tighten their belts.

How one woman paid off $50K of credit card debt

Charline Cormier spent nearly eight years struggling to pay off $50,000 in credit card debt before seeking professional help. She finally became debt-free in April 2017.

Tiny house on wheels will generate own power, store water

Can they build it? Carleton University students take up the challenge to build a tiny house with an even tinier environmental impact.

Orléans seniors' home inspected 28 times in last 3.5 years

Since it opened in November 2013, Moments Manor — the Orléans seniors' home where a resident wandered off and was later found dead — has been inspected 28 times, fined twice and ordered to provide outside training to its staff.

Northern re-exposure: Journalist retraces steps of '70s visit in new exhibit

Recordings and photos of Indigenous people collected more than 40 years ago have been brought back to life through a new exhibit at Carleton University.