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Mental health charity reeling amid resignations over suspicions about leader's alleged secret identity

An Ottawa charity focused on the well-being of Black, Indigenous and LGBTQ youth is in disarray after staff quit and speakers pulled out of a recent conference because they believe the group's leader has multiple aliases and a history of taking her enemies to court.

Filipina nanny asks to stay in Canada after kidney disease diagnosis

A Filipina nanny with chronic kidney disease is hoping Canada's immigration department will allow her to stay in Ottawa. She's waited years for a decision, and in the meantime can't return home to see her children.

Puppy love: Owners share photos of their pandemic pets

With the pandemic stretching on, some people have been looking for a little extra companionship and decided to expand their family to include a furry friend.

Gatineau police see rise in sextortion cases during pandemic

Gatineau police are reporting a rise in sextortion cases — in which criminals use fake identities to trick people into performing sexual acts in front of a webcam, and then blackmail victims with the recorded images. 

Teachers fear impact of 'crammed' curriculum on students

Many teachers in eastern Ontario say they have concerns about educational outcomes for students this year. They say many students are struggling with the accelerated pace of learning.

Some eastern Ontario teachers 'burnt out' by added stress of pandemic

A CBC Ottawa survey of educators across the region reveals mounting levels of stress that have many contemplating another career or early retirement.

Head of private security firm pleads guilty to submitting forged $25K IOU to court

Robin St. Martin, the president of a large Ottawa-based private security firm, has pleaded guilty to knowingly passing on a forged document after he submitted a fake IOU for almost $25,000 as part of a small claims lawsuit against a former employee. 

Main library branch sees 4 times as many disturbances as almost any other

The Metcalfe Street branch recorded more violent incidents and property damage over a 14-month period than almost any other branch in Ottawa, according to data received by CBC News through a freedom of information request. 

Use of special paid leave by public servants 'likely underreported', says PBO

The use of special paid leave by federal public servants is "likely underreported" and the estimated $623-million cost of lost productivity is "probably tip of the iceberg," according to Parliamentary Budget Officer Yves Giroux.

More than a quarter of federal public servants granted special paid leave during pandemic

More than a quarter of all federal public servants were granted paid time off work during the first eleven weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic. Between March 15 and May 31, a total of 76,804 employees took the special leave with pay, at an estimated cost of $439 million.