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Jamie Long is a digital journalist, producer and editor with CBC Ottawa. You can reach him at jamie.long@cbc.ca.

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Ottawa Senators set sights on new owner, arena — 100 years ago

As Ottawa Senators fans anxiously await the announcement of the team's new owner, CBC decided to dig into the archives and found a strikingly similar situation in the nation's capital a century ago.

Gymnastics Canada extends suspension of Ontario coach Scott McFarlane

Gymnastics Canada has extended the suspension of coach Scott McFarlane pending an internal view of allegations from his time at a gym in Mississauga, Ont. McFarlane was acquitted of all sexual assault-related charges last week.

Gymnastics coach Scott McFarlane acquitted on sexual assault-related charges

An Ontario gymnastics coach has been acquitted on all sexual assault-related charges connected to his time coaching at a gym in Mississauga, Ont.
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Gymnastics Canada 'complicit' for keeping 2018 investigation results confidential, advocate says

Gymnastics Canada failed its athletes by not publicizing the results of an internal investigation into the organization's handling of misconduct allegations, former gymnasts and coaches say.

Gymnastics Canada wrongfully gave problem coach 'easy way out', sport minister says

After CBC revealed a prominent coach was promoted despite allegations of inappropriate behaviour, then allowed to resign voluntarily after he failed to improve on that behaviour, Canada's sport minister says Gymnastics Canada wrongfully gave the coach "an easy way out."
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Gymnastics Canada CEO promoted prominent coach despite complaints

Amid growing public scrutiny over harassment and abuse in sport, CBC has learned the current CEO of Gymnastics Canada once promoted a coach to one of the highest positions within the organization despite having received complaints alleging inappropriate behaviour.

Demand spikes for COVID-19 tests as kids fight 'potpourri of viruses'

Children in Ottawa were tested for COVID-19 almost 20,000 times last month, more than three times the number tested in November 2020.

15 months, 3 waves: How COVID-19 coursed through the capital

Our lives have been turned upside down over the past 15 months. We look back at the three waves of the COVID-19 pandemic in Ottawa.

Senators support suspension of NHL season due to COVID-19

The Ottawa Senators stand behind the NHL's decision to suspend the season due to the spread of COVID-19, the team announced Thursday.

Gymnastics bodies never told of allegations against Ottawa coach

Neither Gymnastics Canada nor Gymnastics Ontario were made aware of previous allegations against an Ottawa coach now charged with sexual assault and child luring in a separate case, the governing bodies say.