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Lifeguard shortage draws octogenarian back to the pool

Mike Olsen, 80 and 64-year-old Bruce McNicoll have both recertified and returned to the pool deck. It's partly due to staff shortages, but also to make money.

Terminal cancer can't stop Ottawa woman from chasing goals

Christina Vernon has stage four pancreatic cancer, and when musician Chris de Burgh postponed his Ottawa concert by a year, she was devastated. Her palliative care doctor Christine Whetter set out to try and track down the singer, and connect him with her patient.

Sensor technology alerts caregivers when nursing home resident wanders

Sensors linked to 5G technology alert caregivers when a nursing home resident gets out of bed, wanders, or leaves a room, a project created by Carefor Health and Community Services and an Ottawa company called esprit-ai.

Crowds flock to Rock Dunder trail, but not everyone's amused

A hiking trail south of Ottawa is attracting throngs of day-trippers, especially on sunny autumn weekends, but the crowds are upsetting some locals and even damaging the trails.

Why this business wants you to stop and smell the roses

Root in Nature is a new social enterprise in Ottawa offering a sensory walk through the bush, accompanied by horticultural therapists who help clients rediscover the cleansing balm of nature.

Ottawa hospital staff plead for kindness amid rise in reports of abuse

Staff members at Ottawa hospitals are pleading with patients and their families to be kind as reports of verbal and physical abuse have spiked, especially in the emergency department.

Yukon Bhangra dancer Gurdeep Pandher delights Canada's capital

Yukon Bhangra dancer Gurdeep Pandher spent time in Ottawa to spread “joy, hope, and positivity” with his Punjabi folk-dance moves, and encourage people to get vaccinated. 

Noisy, showy cardinals reproducing more thanks to your birdseed

Boredom-busting backyard bird feeders have boosted the already growing cardinal population during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to local experts.

These Ottawa Senators fans would rather eat glass than cheer for Habs

Fans of the rival Ottawa Senators want no part of the bandwagon as the Montreal Canadiens have made an improbable run to reach the Stanley Cup finals.

'Let them swim': Yes, you can safely take a dip in the Rideau River

The pandemic has given people more reason to swim along the Rideau River throughout Ottawa, and experts say the waterway is a safe place for a dip if people take certain precautions.