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Section of Walkley Road gets a 'road diet' to test ways to calm traffic

The four-lane section of Walkley Road between the Airport Parkway and McCarthy Road temporarily has two vehicle and two cycling lanes as part of a pilot project to test and gather data for eventual traffic calming measures.

Residents seek generators as a 'necessity' after windstorm, business owner says

The May 21 storm has pushed more residents and businesses to purchase standby and portable generators in the Ottawa area, and one local business has reported a major surge in interest due to the potential for more similar storms.

MPs hear case for making Wellington Street a pedestrian, tramway zone

A downtown city councillor and Ottawa mayoral candidate, and the mayor of Gatineau, Que., have added their support to the idea of expanding the parliamentary precinct following the convoy protests.

E-bike buyers deserve cash rebates too, advocates say

Cash rebate programs for electric cars, trucks and SUVs should be expanded to include power-assisted bicycles, say sustainability and mobility advocates.

Frustrated car owners turning to e-bikes, say local shops

The recent rise is fuel prices is leading to more calls and visits from people looking to rethink the way they get around, say owners of shops selling e-bikes in Ottawa. 

When it comes to trucks, smaller is better for Ottawa firefighters

What started as an exercise to save money for Ottawa's fleet of fire trucks has yielded the added advantage of smaller fire engines better suited for the city's urban areas, says a veteran firefighter.

Governments talk as Ottawa businesses plead for urgent help amid protest

Local business groups are calling on all three levels of government to provide immediate financial assistance to shops and restaurants affected by the protest in Ottawa that is now in its 14th day.

Protest mars family's last moments with dying mother

Front-line health-care workers, visitors and officials at Ottawa's Élisabeth Bruyère Hospital say the protest that has gripped the city's downtown is making a bad situation even worse.

Ottawa's urban winter trail network expanding west

Ottawa's network of urban winter trails is set to expand again this winter thanks in large part to a big push by volunteer groomers in the city's west end.

Ontario cattle farming family buys abattoir to meet local demand

The new owners of a small abattoir in eastern Ontario have not only ensured the continuation of an essential service for local farmers, but also turned their facility into an informal school for aspiring butchers.