Falice Chin

Executive Producer, CBC Ottawa

Falice Chin is the executive producer of news at CBC Ottawa. Before moving to the capital, she worked as the senior producer of the Cost of Living -- CBC Radio's national business and economics show based in Calgary. Her international work has appeared in the Financial Times, the National Post, Zacks Investment Research, mergermarket and elsewhere. falice.chin@cbc.ca

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'Just a crazy day': More than 30 systems hit by major network crash at The Ottawa Hospital

According to internal records obtained by CBC News, more than 30 computer systems were impacted at The Ottawa Hospital during a 12-hour network failure last summer that halted surgeries and medical appointments.

Code grey: Inside a 'catastrophic' IT failure at the Queensway Carleton Hospital

Emergency room doctors, nurses and other health-care professionals who worked through the night during a major, hospital-wide computer and phone outage at the Queensway Carleton Hospital were “sticking their necks out” in an “exceptionally unsafe” environment, according to documents obtained by CBC.

Ex-employee sued Eastway Tank over explosion years before blast killed 6

Years before an industrial explosion killed six workers at Eastway Tank Pump and Meter, a former employee had accused the Ottawa company of pressuring him to return to work before he had the chance to recover from injuries sustained from a fuel tank blast, CBC News has learned. 

Queen's University response to false Indigenous identity claims 'concerning,' say academics

Dozens of academics from across North America have signed an open letter calling on Queen's University in Kingston, Ont., to retract its statement defending faculty and staff members who were accused of falsely claiming Indigenous identity in an anonymous dossier.

Queen's University defends faculty, staff against allegations they're falsely claiming to be Indigenous

Queen’s University is defending its faculty, staff and community partners after an anonymous report surfaced online this week alleging six of its instructors, professors and associates had falsely claimed Indigenous identity.

Banking barriers: How the Canadian financial sector excludes Black entrepreneurs, stifling innovation

Cultural and physical barriers get in the way of Black business owners trying to access banking services in Canada. They share their stories of poor customer service, racial discrimination and unconscious bias at the bank.

The boom in household waste and what our garbage tells us about the COVID economy

Some of Canada’s biggest cities are seeing a surge in household waste, and it's thanks to a combination of COVID-related trends such as more online shopping, disposable goods and home renovations.

Outdoor gear is selling out as Canadians stock up for pandemic staycations

Faced with travel restrictions and health concerns over COVID-19, many Canadians have decided this is the year to explore the great outdoors — and it's causing shortages in stores across the country.

Marriage licences and registrations plummet across Canada during COVID-19 pandemic

Coronavirus could be impacting the wedding industry, as the number of marriage licences and registrations from the first three weeks of April 2020 appears to be down more than 50 per cent, compared to the same month last year. 

Alberta Party saw a spike in Google searches during and after leaders' debate

People collectively turned to Google to search "Alberta Party" during and after the leaders debate last week.