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Evan Dyer has been a journalist with CBC for 25 years, after an early career as a freelancer in Argentina. He works in the Parliamentary Bureau and can be reached at evan.dyer@cbc.ca.

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Yazidis plead with Canada not to repatriate alleged ISIS members

Survivors of the 2014 Yazidi genocide by ISIS who found safe haven in Winnipeg report panic attacks and fear for the future after learning that a Canadian court has ordered the repatriation of alleged members of the group that murdered their families, enslaved, tortured and raped them.

Canada still hasn't seized a single dollar through its Haiti sanctions

Sanctions imposed by the federal government on 15 of Haiti's most prominent powerbrokers have not led to asset seizures or freezes, despite the presence of those assets in Canada.

Canada takes sides as hemisphere splits over who rules Peru

The Trudeau government has shown strong backing for Peru's newly-inaugurated president, Dina Boluarte, who was sworn in after elected president Pedro Castillo attempted to suspend the constitution and rule without Congress. Instead he found himself deposed by Congress and jailed on charges of rebellion.

Canada sending more armoured vehicles to Haiti as gang terror paralyzes island nation

The Trudeau government will be sending more armoured vehicles to Haiti and imposing new sanctions on individuals, says Canada's ambassador to the UN Bob Rae, who recently returned from a fact-finding mission to the island nation.

Israel's new hard-right government presents new problems for Justin Trudeau

The Trudeau government has been a solid supporter of Israel on the world stage for seven years, but the Israeli government now forming around Benjamin Netanyahu includes figures, and proposes policies, that will be hard for any Canadian government to defend.

How Bill C-21 turned from banning handguns to hunting guns

The latest amendments proposed to the government's gun control bill, C-21, would prohibit large numbers of common hunting rifles, shotguns, as well as antique arms, cannons owned by historical re-enactors, and pricey collector pieces.

China eases 'zero-COVID' rules following protests — but Xi may have painted himself into a corner

China is easing draconian COVID-19 restrictions in a patchwork manner. But for reasons both medical and political, it will be hard to really end the 'zero-COVID' policy — even as the Chinese people give every sign their patience is at a breaking point.

'It's not just low-hanging fruit': Canada's Haiti sanctions are hitting some big names

The sanctions Canada announced this weekend against six high-ranking Haitian politicians may or may not succeed in changing their behaviour — but they did show that the government of Canada is not as committed to Haiti's ruling party as the Haitian opposition has claimed.

Mexico's president channels Trump as he targets his country's electoral system

Although former president Donald Trump’s Stop the Steal campaign failed this month to undermine the U.S. electoral system from the outside, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has also set his sights on dismantling his country’s independent elections authority. He may succeed.

Brazil's election suggests a socialist wave in the Americas — but the numbers tell a different story

Lula da Silva's victory in Brazil caps a four-year run of successes for the Latin American left, which has won power in all but a few smaller countries like Ecuador, Uruguay and Paraguay. But the electoral map hides deep polarization and populists on both the left and the right stand ready to take advantage.