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Evan Dyer has been a journalist with CBC for 18 years, after an early career as a freelancer in Argentina. He works in the Parliamentary Bureau and can be reached at evan.dyer@cbc.ca.

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Public outrage over the unvaccinated is driving a crisis in bioethics

The pandemic has triggered a new debate over what used to be a settled principle of bioethics — that you don't treat patients differently based on past behaviour that may have contributed to their condition.

Biden administration drags its feet on banning landmines

U.S. President Joe Biden promised during the presidential campaign to reinstate an effective ban on the use of landmines by the U.S. military which was undone by his predecessor Donald Trump.

Haitian commission sends message to Canada, U.S. — stop meddling in our government

A broad-based commission of civil society in Haiti has set up the most serious attempt in years to reverse Haiti's decline and hold genuine elections. But ambassadors for the U.S., Canada and France continue to exercise substantial power in Haiti and have stuck by the unpopular and unelected PHTk government of Ariel Henry.

How Canada changed its position on pandemic travel bans

Countries are acting swiftly to isolate regions where COVID-19 variants of concern have emerged. Many scientists are not convinced that travel bans actually work. Some say bans encourage countries to downplay outbreaks or hide new variants. Others say bans can buy time.

With Ethiopia on the brink, Canada warns citizens to leave immediately

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau engaged in a burst of diplomacy this week as the war in Ethiopia took a turn for the worse. A possible Kabul-like scenario looms in Addis Ababa as Tigrayan rebels approach. Ethiopia is Canada's current top recipient of international assistance.

Staying put to save the planet: How remote work might help Canada cut emissions

Could Canada achieve substantial emissions cuts by extending the pandemic practice of working from home into the post-pandemic period, cutting down on vehicle use? It depends on how people use the time and money they save.

Privacy commissioner orders probe into government data leak that may have put Afghans in danger

Privacy Commissioner Daniel Therrien has ordered a formal investigation into a data breach last month at Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada that may have exposed hundreds of vulnerable Afghans to danger, CBC News has learned.

Cuba's regime could be headed for a violent clash with opponents — just in time for tourism season

November 15 will see a banned Civic March for Change launch across Cuba — a protest Communist authorities have threatened to repress with force. It's happening on the same day the island reopens to tourists — many of them Canadian.

Conservatives call for investigation into government data breaches that may have put Afghans in danger

The Conservatives have written to Privacy Commissioner Daniel Therrien to complain about a pattern of data breaches at Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, CBC News has learned. The complaint follows a string of misdirected emails last month that may have exposed hundreds of vulnerable Afghans to danger.

Cuba puts sick Canadian political prisoner on hard labour

A Canadian citizen jailed by Cuban authorities during unprecedented protests for political change on the island has been sent to a "work brigade" to do hard labour despite serious health problems, according to his family and advocates.