Elyse Skura


Elyse Skura is a reporter based in Ottawa. Since joining CBC News, she's worked in Iqaluit, Edmonton and Thunder Bay. Elyse spent four years reporting from Tokyo, where she also worked as a consulting producer for NHK World Japan. You can reach her at elyse.skura@cbc.ca.

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City of Ottawa looks to speed up planning approvals to meet new provincial timelines

Under threat of new financial penalties, the City of Ottawa is aiming to speed up planning project approvals through a number of avenues, including hiring more staff and hiking fees charged to developers.

New funding lets City of Ottawa shore up homelessness shortfall

The City of Ottawa has learned it will receive more than $24 million in provincial funding for an Ottawa Community Housing project, helping staff fill a surprise shortfall in its budget for tackling homelessness. 

More seniors face 'ludicrous' reality of being declared dead

More seniors have come forward with stories about losing pension benefits because the Canadian government erroneously declared them dead, leading to questions about how widespread the problem might be.

Fewer bus drivers being injured thanks to protective shields, city says

New data released by the City of Ottawa suggests acrylic barriers installed on buses are minimizing the risk of serious physical assaults on drivers, but their union says people have found other ways to harass them. 

Ottawa council delays new green-building standard to wait for province

The City of Ottawa will wait to ensure builders make new developments more energy efficient, as councillors voted to press pause on implementing new municipal green-building standards.

Declared dead, Ontario man is indeed alive and fighting for his pension

Michael Zakrzewski got the shock of his life when he received a letter that told him he's dead — and owes the Government of Canada more than $3,500 in Old Age Security payments.

Ottawa shortchanged by province's new homelessness plan, councillors say

The City of Ottawa's share of provincial homelessness funding for next year will be far lower than expected after changes to how the ministry allocates the funding.

Residents deserve to know more after bear shot dead, councillor says

Ottawa city councillors are looking for answers after Ottawa police decided to shoot a bear that officials had been working to safely relocate for days. They hope a wildlife management review will prevent future incidents.

Accountant petitions CRA to extend tax deadlines amid strike

With the deadline for Canadians to file their taxes just days away, some accountants are worried that the public servants' strike could cause low-income taxpayers to miss out on filing and securing access to the benefits they rely on.  

75 years after Hiroshima bombing, it's falling to descendants to keep survivors' stories alive

As time passes and the number of survivors of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings declines, a new generation of storytellers and advocates is looking to take on their memories as a way to illustrate the horror of nuclear war and push for change.