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David Fraser is an Ottawa-based journalist for CBC News who previously reported in Alberta and Saskatchewan. He enjoys being outside, playing hockey and spending time with his family. You can reach him at david.fraser@cbc.ca.

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Freedom Convoy a 'relentless disturbance,' says people's commission

The people tasked with penning a report into how the Freedom Convoy impacted city residents met the public and media during the first day of the Ottawa People's Commission on Monday. 

Protests in Ottawa and Alberta cost RCMP millions, documents show

The RCMP spent more than $1.6 million during the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa and another $1.2 million policing protests in Alberta, according to a CBC access to information request.

Citizen commission into Freedom Convoy starts today

Residents are launching the Ottawa People's Commission Monday to better understand impacts the Freedom Convoy had on locals during the weeks-long occupation of downtown streets.

CPC MPs meet with Freedom Convoy organizers

Conservative Party of Canada MPs met with some of the people planning protests in Ottawa this summer, including organizers of the Freedom Convoy that occupied downtown streets earlier this year. 

Freedom Convoy protesters set to return to Ottawa for Canada Day, stay through summer

Ottawa police say they expect more protests leading to larger than usual crowds during Canada Day celebrations in the capital as groups related to the Freedom Convoy plan protests through the summer.

Tyson Billings a.k.a. Freedom George released from jail after guilty plea

A prominent figure in the Freedom Convoy pleaded guilty in court Wednesday to one of several charges against him and has been released from jail, nearly four months after his arrest. He is expected to return to Alberta and is on probation for six months.

Police silent after accusations of wrongful arrests during Parliament lockdown

Police agencies are not responding to accusations they wrongfully arrested two Sikh men and evacuated Parliament Hill Saturday based on what appears to be a bad tip. 

Parliament Hill evacuation in Ottawa may have been prompted by hoax or bad tip, sources say

An investigation into a “potential threat” behind the lockdown of Parliament Hill for a time was in its second day Sunday, after police in Ottawa determined there was no danger to public safety. Sources tell CBC News that investigators are looking into whether the source of the threat was a hoax or the result of a bad tip.

In jail for more than 100 days, Pat King 'beat down,' says supporter

Months after the Freedom Convoy was cleared out from Ottawa's streets, some of its leaders remain behind bars with no end in sight, and one expert says they're likely serving more jail time awaiting trial than they will if convicted.

Freedom Convoy to cost city $37M, says updated estimate

The cost of the Freedom Convoy is now expected to cost the City of Ottawa in the range of $37 million, according to an updated estimate from city officials, who are also having a tough time tracking down payment for thousands of parking violations linked to the weeks-long protest.