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Daniel Leblanc is a reporter with more than 20 years experience in investigative journalism and federal politics. He is a past winner of the Michener Award, the Charles Lynch Award and three National Newspaper Awards.

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New RCMP units to protect ministers, top bureaucrats from threats of political violence

The RCMP is preparing to offer close protection services to both senior federal ministers and public servants in response to the rising threat of political violence, sources say.

Former ambassador repays Crown corporation for moving her artwork

Canada's former ambassador to France recently reimbursed the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) for the cost of bringing a piece from her personal art collection to the Crown corporation's headquarters in Montreal, a BDC spokesperson confirmed.

Chief justice warns Trudeau that judicial vacancies are putting criminal trials at risk

Canada’s chief justice Richard Wagner is warning Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that the chronic shortage of judges in the federal court system is putting criminal trials at risk and could undermine public confidence in democratic institutions.

Trudeau family vacationed with wealthy friends who donated to Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family spent the last holiday season at a luxurious estate in Jamaica belonging to a wealthy family that made a large donation two years ago to the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation, Radio-Canada has learned.

High-ranking Canadian UN official presses Ottawa for security funding

High-ranking UN official Gilles Michaud wants to convince UN donor countries — Canada included — to boost the amount of money they spend to protect UN humanitarian assistance programs.

Government official warns subordinates to be careful about what they write on McKinsey audits

The comptroller general of Canada has warned his subordinates to be careful about what they put in writing as part of federal government audits of federal contracts awarded to the management consulting firm McKinsey & Company.

Ottawa undermined Canadians' language rights with ArriveCAN app, language commissioner says

An Ottawa man travelling in the U.S. in 2021 tried to obtain the French version of the ArriveCan application without success, despite indicating on his user profile that French was his preferred language for communications with the federal government.

Crown corporation faces staff backlash over McKinsey contract, spending decisions

Multimillion-dollar contracts awarded by the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) to consulting firm McKinsey, coupled with some unusual spending choices — including a decision to fly a private chauffeur to B.C. to drive the Crown corporation's president around — are raising eyebrows within the BDC, sources say.

Ottawa preparing to go toe-to-toe with U.S. to subsidize EV battery production in Canada

The federal government is preparing to transform its industrial policy in a bid to shelter Canada’s production of electric-vehicle batteries from the threat of billions in new subsidies that are being offered in the United States, sources said.

RCMP running short of officers to protect cabinet ministers from a growing number of threats

The RCMP's close protection unit is running short of the specialized officers it needs to protect elected officials, undermining its ability to respond to federal ministers' growing demands for security services, new figures show.