Daniel Leblanc


Daniel Leblanc is a reporter with more than 20 years experience in investigative journalism and federal politics. He is a past winner of the Michener Award, the Charles Lynch Award and three National Newspaper Awards.

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Ottawa eyeing second-hand market to replace VIP and cargo fleet

The federal government is exploring the possibility of replacing its aging fleet of transportation planes as part of a planned bailout of the country’s battered airline industry, federal sources said.

Ottawa preparing new rules on the use of French in key sectors of the Quebec economy

The federal government is planning to use an upcoming reform of the Official Languages Act to enshrine new rules on the use of French in federally regulated companies in Quebec, sources tell Radio-Canada.

Federal cabinet, provinces engage in tug-of-war over polar icebreaker contract

Ottawa's efforts to build a massive icebreaker have become the focus of a heated interprovincial political battle over a plan to send the work to a B.C.-based firm instead of a Quebec shipyard.

Probe of workplace harassment claims at Museum of History to extend into 2021

The federal government will prolong the mandate of the temporary head of the Canadian Museum of History in an attempt to bring greater stability to the institution as it waits for the results of a probe into allegations of a toxic working environment.

One of Justice Minister David Lametti's donors gets a judicial appointment

A lawyer who contributed $2,900 to Justice Minister David Lametti's Liberal nomination bid and riding association has received a judicial appointment.

'Political vetting' of appointments threatens public faith in judiciary, says bar association

One of the country’s most prominent legal advocacy groups is criticizing the Trudeau government’s judicial appointment process, saying the “political vetting of candidates” risks undermining Canadians' trust in the judiciary.

Commons planning new security measures as MPs report threats of violence

The House of Commons is getting ready to boost security measures for MPs outside of the parliamentary precinct in response to growing concerns about the threat of political violence, sources tell Radio-Canada.

Liberal insider warned of 'potential for a scandal' in judicial appointment process

A Liberal official complained to his superiors last year about the Prime Minister’s Office playing an overbearing role in the judicial appointment process, warning that partisan considerations have created the “potential for a scandal," according to emails obtained by Radio-Canada.

Canadian Museum of History facing crisis over current, past employee complaints

The Canadian Museum of History has been hit by complaints of workplace harassment involving its CEO Mark O’Neill, and is facing questions over the handling of past allegations of similar issues brought forward by other employees, sources say.

Federal government withheld full report on 6th bridge over Ottawa River

The federal government has been sitting on key findings from a new study into a sixth bridge over the Ottawa River, including cost estimates and the advice of experts on the best corridor for the project.