Cindy Tran

Cindy Tran is a reporter for The Canadian Press. She's based in Ottawa.

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Why parents of some Ontario adults with severe autism say they're 'terrified' for their futures

Advocates say there are not enough group homes in the province to accommodate the growing need. In large cities like Ottawa and Toronto, available spaces are being used for urgent care situations, such as when parents are no longer able to manage the care.

Why these cafe owners say Turkish-style coffee is a surprise hit (if you know how to drink it)

For Abeer Al-Shaibani, coffee is more than a caffeinated beverage, it's embedded in her culture. Her family is from Yemen, often called the birthplace of coffee, and now, despite the cost and effort involved, she says it's important to share that tradition and flavour.

'I felt like an outcast': Kitigan Zibi Anishinābeg members reflect on truth and reconciliation

David Decontie felt like a stranger to his family. After coming home from residential school, he found himself disconnected from his community. He'd forgotten his language and he was forced to learn French and English.

Chiefs try to maintain links with Indigenous people moving to urban areas

Some local chiefs near Ottawa-Gatineau are worried about the exodus of Indigenous people from the reserve to the city and are taking steps to keep their members connected to the community. 

Racial representation and The Little Mermaid: The struggle for diversity in film

Ariel from The Little Mermaid was one of Kaliyah Desormeaux's most beloved Disney princesses when she was growing up, but as a young Black girl she never felt as if she could dress up as her. 

Stress, pressure straining veterinarians needs to be addressed

When she was in veterinary school, Dara Gottlieb says that her curriculum did not include how to interact with clients who are in distress, which ends up being a large part of the job. 

Dog's death prompts calls for new coyote strategy

Residents of Ottawa's Riverside Park neighbourhood are calling on the city to implement better policies to deal with aggressive coyotes after the brazen killings of two pets in the last month. 

Wasps creating bad buzz on bar, restaurant patios

More wasps are being spotted on patios around Ottawa and some restaurants are using home remedies — as well as stronger solutions — to handle the unexpected and unwanted guests.

Why these 'sneakerheads' say shoe culture is stepping up

From designers to collectors to shoe-based entrepreneurs, "sneakerheads" in Ottawa say the community is growing. Meet some of those whose passions cannot be heeled.

Why the pandemic had these young people quitting their jobs

Two years of pandemic life have many reflecting on what really matters to them. For some, that means rethinking their work choices in what's been dubbed the "great resignation." CBC Ottawa reached out to three young people to hear why they decided to make the leap.