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Christine Maki is a radio and digital journalist at CBC Ottawa.

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Housebound by pandemic, performers swap lessons online

For two friends who met on the set of a hit musical, last spring's theatre shutdown could have been devastating. But when Austin Sora and Ruth Kwan decided that instead of sitting back, they'd learn something new — from each other.
COVID-19 Diaries

So this is Christmas: For young people navigating the pandemic, the holidays are ... complicated

Amy Ede, Charlotte Scott-Frater and Josh Kweon share their latest diary entries heading into the holidays.

New photo blog captures diversity of Ottawa's Black community

A fitness instructor. A martial artist and musician. A youth worker. An African dancer and designer. For Kafia Barkat and Vanessa Dorimain, the pair behind the new online photo blog The Melanin Project, it was important to create a space to highlight the diversity of stories and people that make up Ottawa's Black community.

Alone together: Pandemic living arrangements aren't always ideal

Charlotte Scott-Frater, Amy Ede and Josh Kweon are opening up their COVID-19 Diaries and sharing what life's like for young people in a pandemic.

A song for uncle Fausto 

Thanksgiving was one of Fausto Fontil’s favourite holidays to visit with his extended Haitian-Canadian family. This spring, the 63-year-old died suddenly of complications due to COVID-19. Now, two of his nieces are teaming up to honour him through song.

Religious shrine in Ottawa man's bathroom took on a life of its own

'The Grotto,' as it became known, began with two statuettes from an antique store, and soon grew into one of Ottawa's weirdest attractions.

Portraits of the Pandemic: Boom in old-fashioned window lettering sign of the times

You've likely seen Pascale Arpin's artistry around this city, and if it's working, it's helped guide you to a pickup window at a local business.

Reclaiming Ritchie: Photo project aims to change the reputation of Black men in west-end neighbourhood

Faisa Omer and her brother Abdullahi teamed up to take portraits of young Black men in the Ritchie Street neighbourhood where they grew up. The goal, Omer says, is to show that despite the area's negative headlines, its young men are just regular people, many of whom have faced discrimination related to their address.

Artist creates 'wash your hands' posters in 21 Indigenous languages

Colleen Gray answered the UN's call for art to stop the spread of COVID-19 with posters that recommend washing your hands in 21 Indigenous languages.

Portraits of the Pandemic: City archives wants your lockdown artifacts, no matter how mundane

Before you discard those drawings your kids made during the lockdown, or purge those posters thanking front-line workers, you might want to consider their potential place in history.