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My YouTube Life

From high school sweethearts to YouTube power couple

Dustin Wilson’s videos are high octane and extreme, and Coralie Charles’s videos are soothing and creative. Each has developed a unique style on social media, coming together at home as a working internet couple.
My YouTube Life

How childhood friendships led to a career making funny videos about big food

Hassan (Bongo) Bicher never thought he'd be back in his hometown of Ottawa. But when the pandemic hit, the 29-year-old YouTube personality, known for his big-food videos, was forced to return home from L.A. He shares how the left turn helped him find his way back to vlogging and a new food-focused career. 
My YouTube Life

Ottawa YouTuber gets 'real' about mental health to help others

After eight years of talking to the camera about his anxiety, Joey Kidney says he’s grateful his YouTube videos have helped other young people with mental health struggles.
Cool with Cold

For Yi Jiang and her family, winter weather brings a sweet taste of home

As part of CBC Ottawa's series Cool with Cold, learn how to make tanghulu, a delicious treat from northern China that's best enjoyed in chilly winter weather.

Black midwives call for more diversity in their field

Liliane Dacmeta knows all about the challenges of being one of the few diverse midwives in Ottawa, but she has a personal reason for pursuing a career in the demanding field.  

Meet the hikers who say the great outdoors is for everyone

When Biatris Lasu started hiking in Gatineau Park, she noticed nobody else on the trail looked like her. The Black outdoor enthusiast and yoga teacher is part of a push to change perceptions of 'outdoorsiness,' including a free group hike specifically for Ottawa's BIPOC community.

Pandemic pushing families to alter birth plans

Women who thought they'd decided how they wanted to deliver their babies may have to rethink their birth plans in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here's how to keep shopping local during the pandemic

Some Ottawa-area businesses have come up with creative ways to continue offering their goods and services from a distance. Here's how you can help support some of your favourite spots through the crisis.
Described video

Bringing video to life for the blind

When CBC Ottawa put together a story about a blind man who came to Canada as a refugee, we wanted to make sure he had access to it, too. We asked Descriptive Video Works to put together a described video version of the story.