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Andrew Foote has been covering Ottawa-area news for the CBC since February 2013 after graduating from Carleton University. He can be reached at

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Notable numbers from the 2nd year of the COVID-19 pandemic

The second year of the COVID-19 pandemic saw two major variant waves, records broken multiple times, and the beginning and end of vaccine passports.

Ottawa's future central library named Ādisōke

The Ottawa Public Library's new signature branch, which is a partnership with Library and Archives Canada, will be named after an Anishinaabemowin phrase for storytelling.

15 months, 3 waves: How COVID-19 coursed through the capital

Our lives have been turned upside down over the past 15 months. We look back at the three waves of the COVID-19 pandemic in Ottawa.

Notable numbers from the 1st year of the COVID-19 pandemic

We take a look back on some of the important numbers over the last year and the stories they've helped tell.

COVID-19 likely in Ottawa before 1st case declared

Ottawa's first confirmed case of COVID-19 was announced way back on March 11, but public health officials now believe the illness was spreading in the community before that.

6 months in, Ottawa's LRT has had more bad days than good ones

CBC Ottawa has crunched the numbers on the Confederation Line's bumpy start.

Extra rush hour buses will run until the end of the month

OC Transpo riders getting into and out of the core during peak periods will have the choice of an LRT train or extra bus today and all next week.

Enjoy the last day of holiday-level traffic volumes

Keep minding those wet roads, puddles and the grime it can fling onto your windows.

Happy (sloppy) new year for foot-powered commuters

Many of the capital's streets are puddled up and this week's snow will keep melting today and tomorrow.

Ottawa's latest Instagram star is a middle-aged white cat that doesn't care for salad

Once upon a time, at a table not very far away, a white cat made a face at a salad. Someone took a picture. Now suburban Ottawa's own smudge_lord has 1.1 million Instagram followers. Because that's how the internet works.