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Anchal Sharma is an associate producer for CBC in Ottawa. Find her on Twitter at @anchalsharma_.

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Indigenous youth marketplace ditches bucks for the traditional barter

A marketplace tailored to Indigenous youth can't be labelled a store or a food bank, but somewhere in the middle, as it deals in hard-to-find items that carry significance for the community — and no money changes hands.
The Slow Return

For BIPOC employees, remote work meant a welcome break from office microaggressions

Working from home throughout the pandemic has provided some employees who are Black, Indigenous or people of colour a mental break from dealing with microaggressions in the workplace.

Local Muslim artists, writers dream of a better future in new art anthology

Ottawa-based visual artist Aquil Virani put out a call for submissions from Muslim artists to dream of a better future. Now those dreams are published in a book called Ottawa Inshallah.

Tackling a fear of needles to increase COVID-19 vaccination rate

Four free group therapy sessions will be offered to anyone with a fear of needles next month at the University of Ottawa as psychologists hope to help increase the COVID-19 vaccination rate.

How a local charity helps inmates in Canada and the U.S., one book at a time

For nearly two decades, Books 2 Prisoners Ottawa has sent free books to incarcerated people across Canada and their impact has reached the U.S. 

Digging for 'lost heritage': Why it's important to Indigenous youth

A section of Vincent Massey Park was uprooted and transformed into the first dig site of a new Indigenous Archaeological Field School. Here is why it matters for Indigenous youth to uncover their own heritage.

Spanish-speaking seniors connect online through art

After losing many of the activities that kept her busy pre-pandemic, Ana Maria Cruz-Valderrama decided to do something to help Spanish-speaking seniors like her beat the anxiety and isolation they were feeling.

For Mya Beaudry, scrunchies are a way to honour inspirational Indigenous women

What began as a nine-year-old Mya Beaudry's fundraising idea has now grown into a prize-winning business run out of her bedroom in Gatineau, Que.