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Vaccination of older adults expected to expand next month

Public health officials in Ottawa say residents over 80 who live on their own should begin receiving COVID-19 vaccines in early March.

Jail inmates worried about health-care staff shortages

Inmates at the Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre say they're not receiving timely medical care because the jail is operating with fewer than half its medical personnel.

Confusion, apprehension as Ottawa prepares to emerge from lockdown

Conflicting messages from public health official and government decision makers are causing confusion and trepidation about Tuesday's reopening across most of the province outside Toronto. 

Tough restrictions needed to halt spread of coronavirus variant, experts say

Two experts say the province will likely need to maintain a high level of restrictions as concerns grow about the impact of a more contagious variant of the coronavirus.

Ottawa researchers 1st in country to develop test to find COVID-19 variant in wastewater

Ottawa researchers say they have become the first in the country to develop a test that detects a variant of the COVID-19 virus in wastewater — recently detecting it in a sample from Barrie, Ont.

Missed appointments, delayed care concern Ottawa hospitals

Some Ottawa health-care providers are warning patients that missing appointments and delaying medical care could pose a greater risk to their health than the possibility of contracting COVID-19 at their facilities.

Myanmar diaspora in Ottawa shocked and angered by military coup

Members of Canadian Burmese community went down to the Myanmar Embassy in Ottawa Monday afternoon, looking for answers as that country's democratically-elected government fell to a military coup. 

COVID-19 'long-hauler' suing insurer after disability claim rejected

After months struggling with post-COVID-19 symptoms, Chantal Renaud faces the prospect of having to sell her home to pay the bills. That's propelled her to join a growing number of 'long-haulers' suing insurance companies that don't recognize the illness.

New patients lead rise in claims for antidepressants

A company that manages pharmaceutical benefits for private insurers covering some seven million Canadians says it's seeing a dramatic increase in claims for antidepressants such as Prozac, Celexa, Paxil and Zoloft.

New coronavirus variant could dominate in Ontario by next month, model shows

There's a race underway by public health officials across Ontario to assess how much of the highly transmissible variant first reported in the United Kingdom is now in the community, in order to keep it at bay until widespread COVID-19 vaccinations get underway.