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After spending more than a decade covering Ottawa city hall for CBC, Alistair Steele is now a feature writer and digital copy editor at

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For COVID-19 archivists, history's happening now

The City of Ottawa Archives is documenting this period in history by asking residents for their photos, correspondence, artwork and any other records that might show future generations what it was really like to live through a pandemic.

Rocky Horror's back for Halloween, this time without the toast

There will be no tossing of toast or toilet paper when The Rocky Horror Picture Show returns to Ottawa's Mayfair Theatre this Halloween, and you can forget about rushing the stage to do the Time Warp again.

How hot is your 'hood? New map takes Ottawa's temperature

A new map produced by the City of Ottawa and Ottawa Public Health reveals vast differences in surface temperatures measured across the city during a heat wave in July 2019. Ecologists say we have a lot to learn from it.

Her family did everything right, but they still caught COVID-19 amid a school outbreak

An Ottawa woman says she's frustrated and furious after her entire family contracted COVID-19 amid a school outbreak, despite taking every possible precaution against the virus.

A brief, weird history of the Panda Game

A great fall football tradition continues today as the University of Ottawa Gee Gees take on the Carleton Ravens in the 52nd edition of the Panda Game at Lansdowne Park. They didn't always play nice.

Dear Dr. Bryce: Letters to late residential school whistleblower express gratitude, pledge action

As Canada prepares to mark the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, some are quietly paying their respects to a man who more than a century ago tried to sound the alarm about the appalling health conditions in residential schools.

Grad student and rookie MP gives new meaning to 'learning on the job'

Arielle Kayabaga will have a unique edge on her classmates (and maybe even some of her professors) when she returns to classes at Carleton University this fall as a member of Parliament.

Ottawa biologist's whale tale earns an Emmy

Shane Gero, a scientist in residence and adjunct professor at Carleton University, played a major role in the James Cameron-produced Disney+ series Secrets of the Whales.

Yes, in my backyard: How a stranger's act of kindness has changed a homeless man's life

David McDonald and Kim Cormier met by chance, but their friendship has endured. Now McDonald is awaiting delivery of his new home — a place to call his own after years of rotten luck.

Disgust growing over vaccine protesters' Holocaust comparisons

Opponents of COVID-19 vaccine mandates protesting outside hospitals across Canada have been seen wearing yellow stars and holding pictures of Anne Frank. Jewish Canadians say such comparisons are not only insulting, but dangerous.