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Could the convoy come back?

As public hearings at the Emergencies Act inquiry draw to a close, several experts have weighed in on what police did wrong, what they learned and how they'll apply those lessons to future protests.

Enterprise Canada pushes back against Nazi flag claim made by convoy lawyer

Enterprise Canada is pushing back against what it says are “irresponsible and reckless” statements made by Brendan Miller — a lawyer representing convoy protest organizers at the Emergencies Act inquiry — about one of the communication firm's employees.

CSIS officials questioned over threats against mayor, councillor

Violent threats targeting public officials — including Ottawa's former mayor and a former city councillor — during last winter's convoy protest did not necessarily meet the bar set by Canada's spy agency for threats to national security, according to testimony at the Emergencies Act inquiry Monday.

RCMP commissioner denies meddling in decision to replace Ottawa police chief

The commissioner of the RCMP has denied meddling in the appointment of Steve Bell as interim chief of the Ottawa Police Service days before a combined force of officers from across Canada began clearing protesters from the city's downtown.

Ottawa's request for 1,800 more officers caught RCMP off guard, Lucki testifies

RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki was surprised and perplexed by a public request from Ottawa's mayor and police chief for 1,800 more officers to help end last winter's convoy protest in the capital.

Ottawa police confirm internal investigation involving convoy report author

Sgt. Chris Kiez, who prepared an intelligence assessment for the Ottawa Police Service, is now under scrutiny for earlier social media posts.

Ottawa wasn't province's top priority during convoy protests, Ford told Trudeau

Ontario Premier Doug Ford told Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during a phone call last February that Ottawa police had "lost command" of the situation in the capital during the Freedom Convoy, and that Ottawa's police chief and mayor had "totally mismanaged" the situation

9 months later, convoy organizers express little sympathy for downtown dwellers

Two very different impressions of last winter's convoy protest in Ottawa have emerged during testimony at the Emergencies Act inqury. During testimony this week, protest organizers mostly stuck to their side of the story.

Airport 'slow roll' intended as signal to city, convoy organizer tells inquiry

A key organizer of last winter’s convoy protest in Ottawa told the Emergencies Act inquiry on Wednesday that a “slow roll” around the city’s airport was meant to send a signal to local authorities, not shut down air travel.

Growing wave of unaccompanied minors among Ukrainians fleeing to Canada

Volunteer groups and child welfare agencies say hundreds of Ukrainian teenagers have arrived alone in Canada under a special visa program, but those organizations worry there's no support system for them once they're here. Instead, the teens are relying on the generosity of strangers.