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App to track loneliness out to impress in Silicon Valley

Before she reached the age of 23, Elizabeth Audette-Bourdeau had already started three businesses. Now 27, Audette-Bourdeau is hoping to take her latest venture to the next level at a worldwide entrepreneur competition in California.

Paid to play: How some Ottawa gamers are making a living doing what they love

They log long hours, sometimes overnight, playing video games as fans watch and comment from around the world. What motivates these professional streamers? CBC Ottawa entered the hive.
Described video

Bringing video to life for the blind

When CBC Ottawa put together a story about a blind man who came to Canada as a refugee, we wanted to make sure he had access to it, too. We asked Descriptive Video Works to put together a described video version of the story.

Ottawa Eritreans have mixed reactions to Ethiopian PM's Nobel Peace Prize

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed was announced as the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize last week. The prize comes as a shock to some Eritreans living in Ottawa, who say there is still no real peace between the two countries.

Word on the street: Unique writing circle giving voice to city's homeless

St Luke's Table in Chinatown has long been a place where members of Ottawa's homeless community can drop in for a hot cup of coffee or a filling breakfast. Now a new program is offering the budding writers among them a different kind of nourishment.

Feeling angry? Try smashing things in a rage cage

Most stores enforce the policy, “You break it, you buy it.” In Lawrence Rogers’s rage cage, you buy it to break it.