Arson suspected for 2nd time at south-end home

Ottawa firefighters believe arson could be the cause of an overnight fire at an unoccupied home in the city's south end, the second possible arson at the home that caught fire less than two months ago.

Same Alta Vista home remains subject of arson investigation from August fire, police say

Fairbanks fire

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9 years ago
Police and the Office of the Fire Marshal of Ontario are investigating a possible arson. 1:56

Ottawa police and fire investigators are investigating the possibility of a second arson at an unoccupied home in the city's south end in less than two months.

This photo shows the backyard at 1881 Fairbanks Ave. (Coldwell Banker Coburn Realty)

Ottawa Fire Services spokesman Marc Messier said the overnight fire at a two-storey, 6,000-square-foot home at 1881 Fairbanks Ave. has been deemed "suspicious."

He also said police and the Ontario Fire Marshal's office are investigating.

Ottawa police and firefighters at the scene confirmed they were also called to the home on Aug. 30 for a fire, one that continues to be investigated as a possible arson.

Previous home on lot destroyed in 2010

Firefighters responded to this same address in January 2010, when the previous home at this location was destroyed after an electrical fire, Messier said.

Crews were called to the home at 1:19 a.m. Thursday after the blaze started in the basement and quickly spread to the roof before firefighters were able to put out the flames.

This photo shows one room of the home at 1881 Fairbanks Ave. (Coldwell Banker Coburn Realty)

No one was in the building and no injuries were reported. Damage to the home was estimated at $750,000.

'A blazing inferno'

"When we came out it was a blazing inferno," said neighbour Dave Smithers.

"Whoever or whatever started that fire, it was a good one, it was big," said Smithers.

Ed Dowse, another neighbour, said the home has been vacant for some time and said the last occupant moved out last summer.

The home was listed at one time this summer for sale with an asking price of $1.75 million and it includes four bedrooms, three bathrooms and one half bathroom, according to an online listing by Coldwell Banker Coburn Realty.