Arnprior businesses hit by water advisory amid heavy construction

The Mayor of Arnprior is apologizing to business owners who were forced to close because of the town-wide water advisory. It's just the latest in what one business owner described as a challenging summer amid heavy construction.

'I'd rather pay my bills and make money...than have to worry about all this chaos.'

Some businesses on John Street North in Arnprior had to close because of the water-advisory but getting inside was already tricky as construction crews work to improve infrastructure and enhance the streetscape. (CBC News)

A business owner in Arnprior says the town-wide water advisory is just the latest hit in what's been a challenging summer amid heavy construction.

Tina Carr owns Crazy Beautiful — a tattoo and nail parlour on John Street North —  smack dab in the middle of Arnprior's downtown revitalization project.
Tina Carr owns a tattoo and nail parlour and says she chose to close because of the water-advisory. It's just the latest in what she says has been a hard summer. (CBC News)

"It's very hard. It's very stressful," said Carr who chose to close after hearing about the water-advisory. 

"I'd rather pay my bills and make money...than have to worry about all this chaos," she added.

Carr said she didn't feel comfortable operating her business without access to safe water.

Water advisory issued Wednesday morning

About 9,000 residents are impacted by the water advisory issued by the town Wednesday morning.

Parts of town experienced an unexpected loss of pressure during planned water main construction, according to the town's Chief Administration Officer Michael Wildman.
Signs are posted around town to warn residents not to drink or use the water for cooking or bathing. (CBC News)

The advisory applies to all residents who rely on the town's water for personal use, and all businesses that may provide drinking water to the public.

Residents are only asked to utilize water for flushing toilets, and the town is stressing that boiling or chlorinating the water isn't sufficient to make it safe for other uses.

Mayor apologizes to business owners

The Mayor of Arnprior said the town is working as quickly as possible to fix the problem and apologized to business owners who may lose money as a result.

"Right now it's a severe inconvenience," said Mayor David Reid. 

"We're hoping to get through that construction and get through this," he said.

Resident Lori Robillard said she feels for the business owners already struggling to turn a profit.

"A number of people on the main street have taken quite a loss," she said.

"I think they were already up in arms about that so for those people it's not a good day with this water thing on top of it," she added.

The town is supplying four litres of water per person per day and crews are coordinating water sampling and quality testing.

But officials said the advisory won't be lifted until at least 5 p.m. on Friday.
Several businesses had to close up shop because of the water-advisory. Closed signs dotted store windows across town. (CBC News)