Anti-Muslim slurs aimed at 2nd Gatineau mosque

The Mosque of Aylmer received an email early last week including anti-Muslim slurs and a photo threatening violence after vandalism at another Gatineau, Que., mosque.

WARNING: This article contains images with offensive language

The Mosque of Aylmer received a hate-filled email last week within hours of vandalism at another nearby mosque. (Google Streetview)

A second Gatineau, Que., mosque was the target of anti-Muslim slurs last week just hours after vandalism at another mosque.

Hicham Ouhaid, president of the Mosque of Aylmer, said he received an email early last Monday urging Muslims to get out of Canada.

The message, he said, included a photo of a 2010 Time magazine cover depicting a young Afghan woman whose nose and ears were cut off.

This is not the first time the Aylmer mosque, located at the corner of Park Street and Chemin Eardley, has been targeted, he added, as a hateful letter was dropped in the mailbox last spring.

"We felt very concerned. We felt our community is somehow targeted," Ouhaid told the CBC's Alistair Steele.

"Although we don't really understand why, because we have been there for quite some time and everything was fine."

Ouhaid said he has yet to forward the email to police.

Anti-Muslim incidents may be linked

Ouhaid believes the email is connected to vandalism where cars were smashed outside the Outaouais Islamic Centre in Gatineau early last Monday.

Graffiti was spray-painted on the front door and two back doors of the Outaouais Islamic Centre last week. (CBC)

Then in the early morning of Jan. 5, a lone man in his 20s was caught on camera painting racist messages on the centre's front doors, across the building's side and on two other entrances to the building.

The same man is suspected of both cases of vandalism at the Gatineau mosque.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney have spoken out against the Gatineau mosque attacks, and Marc Bureau, the city's mayor, visited Friday prayer. 

Gatineau police are investigating the Monday vandalism at the Outaouais Islamic Centre as a hate crime.