Angry red-winged blackbird attacks passersby on Parliament Hill

Another spring, another red-winged blackbird attacking Canadians on Parliament Hill.

And now it has a Twitter account

A protective red-winged blackbird is providing its own security near Parliament Hill's Centre Block. 1:39

For yet another spring, a red-winged blackbird has been divebombing people as they walk by its nest on Parliament Hill.

Male red-winged blackbirds screech at other males to protect their territory, and sometimes they'll attack people who come close to their nests. (AP Photo)
The fun speculations abound.

Maybe it's mad it wasn't chosen as the unofficial bird of Ottawa, or perhaps this is the bird's way of pushing for Senate reform?

Maybe the Parliament Hill bird is hoping for this kind of CBC TV coverage.

More likely, it's simply protecting its family.

But it didn't take long for a Twitter account to materialize, of course.

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