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DND investigating 2016 complaint about racist flyer on office fridge

The Department of National Defence is pledging to investigate a long-standing complaint over systemic discrimination in the workplace after a 2016 grievance about a racist flyer on an office fridge came to light.

OPH study breaks down COVID-19 infection by employment sector

Health-care workers are still most at risk of contracting COVID-19 on the job, but a study by Ottawa Public Health reveals it's not the only at-risk sector.

Family members line up for COVID-19 tests as care home visit rules change

Ottawans with loved ones in long-term care homes streamed in for COVID-19 tests Thursday in order to comply with new requirements that finally allow visits at those facilities.

As face of OPS begins to change, new recruits eager to lead the way

The class of 2020 is the largest is Ottawa police history. It's also shaping up to be one of the most diverse, a signal that the force is making strides to become more reflective of the community it serves.

Renfrew paramedics 'shocked' after discovering non-medical masks in supply

When a County of Renfrew paramedic discovered an open box of surgical masks labelled "not for medical use," it touched off an investigation that's led to mass testing, contact tracing and questions about the safety of the mask supply for paramedics in Renfrew and beyond. 

Police forces don't reflect Ottawa-Gatineau's minority population, stats show

The proportion of visible minorities in the national capital region's two largest police forces fall short of representing the percentage of minorities in the general population, according to data provided by those forces.

Gatineau prepares for Ontario influx as malls, hair salons open Monday

Monday marks the next phase of Quebec's plan to reopen its economy, and some Gatineau businesses are expecting more than a few Ontario licence plates in their parking lots.

Non-profits turn to teen volunteers for help

Non-profits and community organizations in need of volunteers are increasingly turning to teens to help deliver much-needed services to some of the city's most vulnerable residents during the pandemic.

As Ontario gets set to reopen, self-isolation continues for millions of citizens

Millions of Ontarians over the age of 70 as well as people with underlying health conditions are bracing for a much longer period of self-isolation, even as the rest of the province begins its first phase of reopening this week. 

Public health officials take seriously new research that children may not be superspreaders after all

What Australian researchers are calling the first survey on children and the spread of COVID-19 in the class room is turning heads in Canada. The preliminary data suggests kids are not so-called superspreaders, as they're often called by epidemiologists, when it comes to influenza.

For restaurateurs, province's slow and steady approach a necessary gamble

For Ottawa restaurants eager to reopen, the province's slow and steady approach to getting the economy moving again presents a difficult dilemma: open too soon and risk a second wave of infection; wait much longer and go out of business.

Korean War vet Kyu Chin Hahn loved Canada, and he loved his family

Kyu Chin Hahn sacrificed so much for his family, but as he lay dying at Ottawa's Montfort long-term care centre, even they weren't allowed to visit his bedside to say goodbye.

'Everyone wants them': Rapid COVID-19 test kits made in Canada approved for use

The first shipments of a made-in-Canada, rapid COVID-19 test will begin arriving at federal and provincial health agencies this week, following approval of the new technology by Health Canada over the Easter weekend.

Local businesses feeling the strain of 'social distancing'

Small businesses in Ottawa say they're already feeling the impact of "social distancing," the strategy of avoiding places where people gather to stem the spread of COVID-19.

Waiting ambulances signal 'dangerous predicament'

The professional association representing paramedics in the capital is blaming mismanagement at the Ottawa Hospital after 19 ambulances were left waiting to off-load patients at the General campus Tuesday night.