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English debate helps clarify Quebec election for Outaouais anglos

Angophones in western Quebec say Monday night's historic English debate was a welcome first step toward addressing their issues.

Western Quebec anglophones welcome English debate

English speakers in the Outaouais are welcoming tonight's historic English-language debate, but one pollster says it could prove to be "a trap."

Local candidates weigh in on looming specialist shortage in Maniwaki

Candidates running to represent Maniwaki in Quebec's provincial election have different ideas on the bonuses offered to fix understaffing in that community's operating room.

Vietnamese community unveils Saigon Square as museum remains out of reach

Ottawa's Vietnamese community hailed the opening of the square, which sits just across the street from the site of a future museum that remains millions of dollars away.

Nearly done women's housing project still short $300K

Forty-two new bachelor apartments are almost ready for women who need more permanent housing, but the organization behind it is still short $300,000 to complete construction.

CAQ targeting Liberal bastions in western Quebec

CAQ leader François Legault was the first provincial party leader to visit the region during this election campaign, a sign the party sees an opportunity there.

Ontario teacher shortage looming, educators warn

After years of having more teachers than there were jobs, Ontario teachers colleges are concerned cuts in 2015 are sending the province toward a teacher shortage.

Gatineau councillors call for emergency garbage pickup

As frustration grows in Gatineau over illegal dumping, city councillors held a special council meeting Thursday to consider tweaking new rules for garbage pickups and allowing extra curbside collections for bulk items.

Respiratory therapy students mull lawsuit over botched exam

Nearly 400 respiratory therapy students from across Canada are considering suing the company responsible for a software meltdown during their critical final accreditation exam last month.

Pot shops face dilemma in bid for legitimacy

Owners of illegal pot dispensaries in Ottawa are welcoming the shift in the province's approach to retail cannabis sales, but say they're facing a serious dilemma in their quest for legitimacy.

Canada Day party planners getting set for extreme heat

Organizers of this weekend's Canada Day festivities on Parliament Hill have come up with contingency plans to help revellers beat the extreme heat.

Ontario's pot industry sees hope for private stores under Ford government

Some of Ontario's licensed pot producers hope to convince Doug Ford that private retail pot stores should operate alongside government-run outlets when marijuana becomes legal later this year.

OCDC withholding video of attack on guards, union claims

The union representing correctional officers at the Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre (OCDC) says jail officials are withholding a surveillance video showing an attack by inmates that sent two guards to hospital.

Signs of trouble? Liberal tactics shift as campaign nears end

Embattled Liberals fighting to hang onto once-safe ridings are taking a highly unusual tack as the campaign ticks down: they're asking electors to vote for them not on their merits, but as the only way to stop the other guy.

Ottawa Centre shaping into key election battleground

Joel Harden, the NDP candidate for the urban riding of Ottawa Centre, believes his party's rise in the polls is a sign the urban riding is ripe for an election upset after 23 years in Liberal hands.