Almost 200 jobs lost as Philips Canlyte closes Cornwall plant

Philip Canlyte is closing its lighting fixture plant in Cornwall, Ont., leading to 190 jobs lost in the small eastern Ontario community.

Almost 200 jobs will be lost in Cornwall as a lighting fixture manufacturer shuts its doors due to the growing demand for LED lights.

Philips Canlyte made fixtures for bulbs such as this compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL), but says LED lighting has become the norm. (Adrian Wyld/Canadian Press)
​Canlyte, a division of Philips Electronics, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of lighting fixtures and services.

Its Cornwall plant has run for 27 years but now the work will be transferred to other plants across North America, according to Canlyte.

The plant will close over the next 11 months affecting 190 employees.

The company blames less demand from industries and businesses that are turning to LED lighting.

'Serious' impact on Cornwall, mayor says

Employees have shared the news, and their resulting frustration, on social media. The town’s mayor also expressed his disappointment in the closure to CBC News.

Cornwall mayor Bob Kilger says the impact on his community is serious after Philips Canlyte announced it's closing its plant. (CBC)
“Two hundred jobs is a large number of jobs in a small community, the payroll, the benefits, and so the direct impact on those employees, their families is serious,” said Cornwall Mayor Bob Kilger.

Kilger said he hoped other plants and new ventures in the area could lead to new job for the workers affected. 

Light bulbs are in a time of flux across Canada after the federal government banned manufacturers from supplying incandescent bulbs to Canada beginning on Jan. 1, 2014, as part of rules aimed at improving efficiency.